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Participants (INVW07)

Note: This list may not include "Inverse Problems" programme participants whose visits coincide with the workshop.

E.g., 2018-04-20
E.g., 2018-04-20
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Giovanni S Alberti  University of Oxford 7 February
Robert Aykroyd  University of Leeds 7 February
Martin Benning  University of Cambridge 7 February
Ottavia Bertolli  University of Leeds 7 February
Marta Betcke    University College London 7 February
Bandar Bin-Mohsin  King Saud University 7 February
Eva-Maria Brinkmann  Universität Münster 7 February
Ke Chen    University of Liverpool 7 February
Paul Childs  Schlumberger Cambridge Research 7 February
Christian Clason    Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz 7 February
Sophia Bethany Coban  University of Manchester 7 February
Zofia Czyczula Rudjord  Shell Global Solutions 7 February
Mike Danilouchkine  Shell Global Solutions 7 February
Brendan Darrer  University College London 7 February
Diego De Lazzari  Shell Global Solutions 7 February
Koos de Vos  Shell Global Solutions 7 February
Matthias Ehrhardt    University College London 7 February
Afroditi Eleftheriou  University of Leeds 7 February
Andrew Fitzgibbon    Microsoft Research 7 February
Milana Gataric  University of Cambridge 7 February
Joana Grah  Universität Münster 7 February
Anders Hansen    University of Cambridge 7 February
Parham Hashemzadeh  University of Cambridge 7 February
Robert Hasson  The Open University 7 February
Areena Hazanee  University of Leeds 7 February
Daniel Holland  University of Cambridge 7 February
Mohammed Hussein  University of Leeds 7 February
Jakob Sauer Joergensen  Danmarks Tekniske Universitet 7 February
Daniil Kazantsev  University of Manchester 7 February
Jakub Konecný  University of Edinburgh 7 February
Yury Korolev  Queen Mary, University of London 7 February
Juheon Lee  University of Cambridge 7 February
Jan Lellmann  University of Cambridge 7 February
Daniel Lesnic    University of Leeds 7 February
Xiaoyang Liu  University of Greenwich 7 February
Leanne Mullen  IOP Publishing 7 February
Sergey Naboko  University of Kent 7 February
Tommaso Panicciari  University of Bath 7 February
Kostas Papafitsoros  University of Cambridge 7 February
Evangelos Papoutsellis  University of Cambridge 7 February
Luis Pizarro  University College London 7 February
Kernel Enrique Prieto Moreno  University of Manchester 7 February
Orsola Rath Spivack  University of Cambridge 7 February
James Rickett Schlumberger Cambridge Research 7 February
Alex Sawatzky  Universität Münster 7 February
Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb    University of Cambridge 7 February
Cristiana Sebu  Oxford Brookes University 7 February
Manuchehr Soleimani  University of Bath 7 February
Mark Spivack  University of Cambridge 7 February
Zijian Tang  Shell Global Solutions 7 February
Charalampos Tsoumpas  University of Leeds 7 February
Tuomo Valkonen  University of Cambridge 7 February
Kent Wei  Industrial Tomography Systems plc 7 February
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