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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers.

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Authors Title Attachments
ANW Hone Tau-functions and special solutions in a coupled Painlevé system ni02001.pdf
M Manas; L Martinez Alonso; E Medina Reductions and hodograph solutions of dispersionless KP hierarchy ni01059.pdf
B Konopelchenko; L Martinez Alonso Nonlinear dynamics on the plane and integrable hierarchies of infinitesimal deformations ni01058.pdf
A Degasperis; DD Holm; ANW Hone A new integrable equation with peakon solutions ni01057.pdf
D Levi; P Winternitz Lie point symmetries and commuting flows for equations on lattices ni01053.pdf
A Degasperis; SV Manakov; PM Santini On the initial-boundary value problem for soliton equations ni01052.pdf
SNM Ruijsenaars Reflectionless analytic difference operators III. Hilbert space aspects ni01051.pdf
VM Buchstaber; JC Eilbeck; VZ Enolskii; et al Multidimensional Schrödinger equations with Abelian potentials ni01048.pdf
VS Matveev Projectively equivalent Riemannian metrics on the torus ni01045.pdf
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