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Geometrical Aspects of Integrability


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16th September 2001 to 18th September 2001

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Integrable Systems

23 Jul - 19 Dec 2001

Organisers: Professor JC Eilbeck (Heriot-Watt), Professor AV Mikhailov (Leeds), Professor PM Santini (Rome), Professor VE Zakharov (Moscow)

Geometrical Aspects of Integrability
17-18 September 2001

Programme Participants

This meeting forms part of the Integrable Systems programme, July-December 2001 at the Isaac Newton Institute, with support from St John's College, Cambridge.

Theme: This workshop is intended to focus on the interplay between geometry and integrability. Many important objects in geometry are solutions to integrable systems, such as monopoles, instantons and hyper-Kahler manifolds. Conversely, geometric methods such as algebraic geometry, infinite dimensional grassmanians and twistor theory give overviews and new methods for different parts of the theory of integrable systems.

The following speakers have agreed to speak at the workshop:

R.Bielawski, D.Calderbank, C.V. Johnson, N.J.Hitchin, N.Manton, M.A.Singer, R.S.Ward, N.M.J.Woodhouse, V.E. Zakharov.

A limited number of rooms have been booked at St John's College at a price of £40 for bed and breakfast per night, so that arriving on the Sunday 16th September and departing Tuesday the 18th September will cost £80. There will be a special dinner, on the Monday evening in St Johns costing £15.

Please e-mail application and accommodation enquiries to Tracey Andrew and other enquiries to Lionel Mason.

Closing Date for Applications: 31 July 2001

Nick Manton, Lionel Mason, Richard Ward

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