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Computer Algebra in Applications to the Problems of Integrability


we have been made aware of a very convincing phone scam that is focusing on our workshop participants. Participants may be contacted by phone by a firm called Business Travel Management to arrange accommodation for workshops and/or programmes.  This includes a request to enter credit card information.

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16th November 2001 to 17th November 2001

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Integrable Systems

23 Jul - 19 Dec 2001

Organisers: Professor JC Eilbeck (Heriot-Watt), Professor AV Mikhailov (Leeds), Professor PM Santini (Rome), Professor VE Zakharov (Moscow)

Computer Algebra in Applications to Integrable Systems

BRIMS DAY 16 – 17 November 2001


Organisers:   Thomas Wolf (QMW)

Theme:  As part of the programme "Integrable Systems" this workshop aims at bringing together developers and users of symbolic algorithms and software applicable for the study of systems of differential equations.

Pre Workshop Exchange: To make the 2 days as efficient as possible a write able webpage has two blackboards, one for software that will be available together with (one of) its author(s) and another blackboard with problems at which program authors can have a look in advance whether their system could be of use for these. Participants are encouraged to add comments.

Location and Cost:   The workshop will take place at the Newton Institute. Talks are planned for Friday afternoon starting 2pm and Saturday morning and early afternoon. On Saturday late afternoon computer access is provided for individual use between developers and users of symbolic software.  There are no workshop fees or other costs. Accommodation cannot be provided and must be arranged by participants themselves. A list of local Guest Houses/B&B, can be found at the following URL:

If you intend to come, please contact Tracey Andrew, by 9 November 2001.

Further information:  This is available from the WWW where, for example, a speakers list is posted.

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