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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
JF Lynch A logical characterization of individual-based models PDF icon ni08031.pdf
K Kulesza Machines, computations and time; when P can be equal NP PDF icon ni07010.pdf
A Dawar; M Grohe; S Kreutzer; et al Model theory makes formulas large PDF icon ni07003.pdf
A Atserias; A Bulatov; A Dawar Affine systems of equations and counting infinitary logic PDF icon ni07002.pdf
A Dawar; M Grohe; S Kreutzer Locally excluding a minor PDF icon ni07001.pdf
R Alur Marrying words and trees PDF icon ni06055.pdf
S Dantchev; B Martin; S Szeider Parameterized proof complexity: A complexity gap for parameterized tree-like resolution PDF icon ni06054.pdf
P Hell; J Nesetril On the density of Trigraph Homomorphisms PDF icon ni06052.pdf
S Cook; J Krajicek Consequences of the Provability of $NP \subseteq P/poly$ PDF icon ni06040.pdf
S Lindell A normal form for first-order logic over doubly-linked data structures PDF icon ni06037.pdf
W Harwood; F Moller; A Setzer Weak bisimulation approximants PDF icon ni06028.pdf
N Alechina; D Shkatov Logics with an existential modality PDF icon ni06025.pdf
G Kun; J Nesetril Forbidden lifts (NP and CSP for combinatorists) PDF icon ni06024.pdf
F Boerner; A Bulatov; H Chen; et al The complexity of constraint satisfaction games and QCSP PDF icon ni06023.pdf
J Krajicek; A Skelley; N Thapen NP search problems in low fragments of bounded arithmetic PDF icon ni06022.pdf
D Andersson; S Vorobyov Fast algorithms for monotonic discounted linear programs with two variables per inequality PDF icon ni06019.pdf
V Dalmau; A Krokhin Majority constraints have bounded pathwidth duality PDF icon ni06017.pdf
W Hodges Logics of imperfect information: why sets of assignments? PDF icon ni06015.pdf
J Krajicek Substitutions into propositional tautologies PDF icon ni06012.pdf
K Kulesza On inverting the VMPC one-way function PDF icon ni06009.pdf
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