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Low Dimensional Topology and Quantum Field Theory

Participation in INI programmes is by invitation only. Anyone wishing to apply to participate in the associated workshop(s) should use the relevant workshop application form.

1st July 1992 to 31st December 1992

Organisers: E Corrigan (Durham), MB Green (QueenMary & Westfield, London), WBR Lickorish (Cambridge)

Programme Theme

Over a number of years there has been a fruitful exchange of ideas between some areas of theoretical physics, notably gauge theory, string theory, conformal field theory, integrable field theories and statistical mechanics on the one hand and topological invariants of manifolds, knot the ory, the theory of affine algebras and loop groups, and the theory of quantum groups on the other. The purpose of this programme is to bring together workers in several fields, both mathematicians and physicists, in order that they mi ght more directly educate and stimulate each other and to encourage progress in the various topics.


Baxter R, 15 Jul-30 Sep; Goodman F, 15 Jul-23 Aug; Bernard D, 1 Sep- 13 Sep; Gordon A, 15 Jul-15 Aug; Broda S, 1 Nov-15 Dec; Green MB, 15 Jul-15 Dec; Cardy J, 15 Jul-15 Dec; Hull C, 16 Aug-29 Aug; Cherednik I, 10 Aug-14 Aug, 1 Oct-30 Nov; Corrigan E, 15 Jul-15 Dec; Itzykson C, 2 Aug-15 Aug, 15 Oct-15 Nov; Jimbo M,1 Sep-30 Sep; DeVega H, 15 Sep-30 Sep; Jones VFR,1 Jul-31 Jul, 15 Nov-30 Nov; Kauffman L,1 Jul-13 Sep; Di Francesco P, 1 Sep-30 Sep; Kearton C, 15 Jul-30 Sep; Dijkgraaf R, 15 Nov-15 Dec; Killingback T, 5 Jul-1 Aug; Dotsenko V, 1 Nov-30 Nov, 1 Nov, 30 Nov; Douglas M, 26 Jul-31 Aug; Kirby RC, 1 Jul-30 Nov; Eguchi T, 1 Aug-31 Oct; Kirillov A, 15 Sep-15 Dec; Evans D, 6 Sep-30 Sep; Lickorish WBR, 15 Jul-15 Dec; Fairlie DB, 1 Oct-15 Dec; Mac Lane S, 20 Jul-24 Jul; Fateev VA, 1 Nov-30 Nov; Masbaum G, 15 Oct-15 Dec; Feigin B, 22 Nov-15 Dec; Melvin P, 15 Jul- 15 Dec; Felder G, 29 Aug-26 Sep; Miwa T, 1 Sep-31 Oct; Frenkel E, 1 Sep-31 Oct; Moore G, 15 Jul-24 Aug; Frenkel I, 23 Jul-5 Sep; Morava J, 15 Jul-15 Dec; Garoufalidis S, 5 Aug-25 Aug; Morton H, 15 Sep-15 Dec; Ginzburg V, 11 Sep-15 Sep; Nahm W, 8 Sep-30 Sep; Ocneanu A, 15 Jul-23 Aug; Olive D, 15 Jul-30 Nov; Ooguri H, 1 Sep-21 Sep; Popa S, 15 Jul-15 Aug; Ravanini F, 15 Oct-30 Nov; Reina C, 15 Nov-15 Dec; Rosso M, 1 Sep-31 Oct; Sasaki R; Saveliev M, 15 Oct-15 Dec; Sklyanin E, 1 Sep-15 Dec; Smirnov F, 15 Jul-15 Dec; Thaddeus M, 26 Jul, 9 Aug; Thistlethwaite MB, 15 Jul-31 Aug; Traczyk P, 15 Jul-31 Oct; Turaev VA, 15 Jul-30 Sep; Verlinde H, 21 Jul-3 Aug; Voicelescu D, 15 Jul-7 Aug; Weitsman J, 15 Jul -15 Dec; Wenzl H, 15 Jul-15 Aug; West P, 7 Sep-4 Oct, 12 Oct, 31 Oct; Witten E, 1 Jul-11 Jul; Zuber J-B, 5 Oct-9 Oct.


There is a regular seminar programme running throughout the period together with more concentrated series of lectures and workshops:

6--17 July: Topology Talks A series of seminars overlapping the start of the programme proper, organised by WBR Lickorish from whom further information may be obtained.

22--24 July: Von Neumann Algebras in Mathemat ics and Physics A short workshop with expository talks on operator algebras and their applications in knot theory, organised by VFR Jones and AJ Wassermann. Speakers include: F Goodman, VFR Jones, A Ocneanu, S Popa, D Voicelescu, AJ Wassermann and H Wenzl.

19--21 August: Topological Field Theory and Quantum Gravity A short seminar series concentrated on topological field theory and associated areas in quantum field theory and strings organised by MB Green Speakers include: G Moore, T Eguchi, C Hull, T Morris.

6--13 September: NATO Advanced Research Workshop Confirmed speakers include: R Baxter (Canberra Cambridge), T Eguchi (Tokyo), L Kauffman (Chicago), W Nahm (Bonn), A Bais (Amsterdam), H Ooguri (Kyoto), G Felder (Zurich). Organiser: H Osborn, DAMTP, University of Cambridge, Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9EW, UK. Tel: (uk) 223 337875 Fax: (uk) 223 337918.

9 October: LMS Spitalfields Day Speakers: SK Donaldson (Oxford), T Miwa (Kyoto), D Olive (Swansea) 27--29 October: Conformal and Integrabl e Field Theory A short seminar series organised by DB Fairlie (Durham). Speakers will include E Sklyanin, P Mansfield, J Cardy, A Kirillov, R Borcherds, M Saveliev and M Freeman.

16--18 November: Computational Aspects of Topological Invariants A series of talks on the theme of invariants and `hands on' computation organised by HR Morton (Liverpool). Speak ers will include R Fenn, J Murakami, J Przytycki, P Melvin and WBR Lickorish.

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