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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
O Belegradek; B Zilber Definable relations in the real field with a distinguished subgroup of the unit circle PDF icon ni06008.pdf
M Dickmann; F Miraglia Marshall's and Milnor's conjectures for preordered von Neumann regular rings PDF icon ni06004.pdf
S Barbina; D Macpherson Reconstruction of homogeneous relational structures PDF icon ni05051.pdf
D Hasklell; E Hrushovski; D Macpherson Definable sets in algebraically closed valued fields: elimination of imaginaries PDF icon ni05050.pdf
D Macpherson; K Tent Stable pseudofinite groups PDF icon ni05049.pdf
B Zilber Non-commutative geometry and new stable structures PDF icon ni05048.pdf
J Kirby Exponential and Weierstrass Equations PDF icon ni05047.pdf
M Gavrilovich Model theory of universal covering spaces of complex algebraic varieties PDF icon ni05046.pdf
R Moosa; P Speissegger; S Starchenko Compactness of cycle spaces and definability in o-minimal expansions of ${\mathbb R}_{an}$ PDF icon ni05040.pdf
Y Peterzil; S Starchenko Computing o-minimal topological invariants using differential topology PDF icon ni05039.pdf
Y Peterzil; S Starchenko Complex analytic geometry and analytic-geometric categories PDF icon ni05038.pdf
E Hrushovski; F Wagner Counting and Dimensions PDF icon ni05037.pdf
J-M Lion; P Speissegger The theorem of the complement for sub-Pfaffian sets PDF icon ni05036.pdf
A Martin-Pizarro; F Wagner Supersimplicity and quadratic extensions PDF icon ni05035.pdf
A Baudisch; A Martin-Pizarro; M Ziegler On fields and colors PDF icon ni05034.pdf
F-V Kuhlmann Maps on ultrametric spaces, Hensel's Lemma, and differential equations over valued fields PDF icon ni05032.pdf
Z Robinson A note on global $\it p$$^t$$^h$ powers of rigid analytic functions PDF icon ni05030.pdf
MJ Edmundo; GO Jones; NJ Peatfield Sheaf cohomology in o-minimal structures PDF icon ni05029.pdf
J Pila; AJ Wilkie The rational points of a definable set PDF icon ni05028.pdf
E Jaligot Generix never gives up PDF icon ni05027.pdf
A Borovik; J Burdges; G Cherlin Involutions in groups of finite Morley rank and degenerate type PDF icon ni05026.pdf
A Berkman; A Borovik; J Burdges; et al A generic identification theorem for $L^*$-groups of finite Morley rank PDF icon ni05025.pdf
M Aschenbrenner; R Moosa; T Scanlon Strongly minimal groups in the theory of compact complex spaces PDF icon ni05024.pdf
F-V Kuhlmann Additive polynomials and their role in the model theory of valued fields PDF icon ni05021.pdf
F-V Kuhlmann Elimination of ramification I: the generalized stability theorem PDF icon ni05020.pdf
O Frécon Around unipotence in groups of finite Morley rank PDF icon ni05016.pdf
D Marker A remark on Zilber's pseudoexponentiation PDF icon ni05008.pdf
A Onshuus; A Pillay Definable groups and compact $\it p$-adic Lie groups PDF icon ni05006.pdf
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