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Pure Model Theory

4th July 2005 to 8th July 2005

Organisers: David Evans (UEA), Dugald Macpherson (Leeds), Anand Pillay (Urbana) and Frank Wagner (Lyon)

Supported by the EPSRC of Great Britain, London Mathematical Society and the Newton Institute, Cambridge

Workshop Theme

There is a rich interplay between the sophisticated and difficult techniques which have been developed internally within model theory (so-called 'pure model theory') and the model-theoretic analysis of individual (or groups of) mathematical structures which arise in algebra and analysis. This workshop will focus on developments at the 'purer' end of model theory, without, of course, ignoring the connections with other branches of mathematics.

The themes of the workshop will be: forking and simple theories; Hrushovski constructions; non-elementary classes; topological methods in model theory; independence in unstable structures.

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