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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers.

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Authors Title Attachments
M Hernandez; T Ma; S Wang Theory of dark energy and dark matter PDF icon ni15013.pdf
T Ma; S Wang Astrophysical dynamics and cosmology PDF icon ni14098.pdf
T Ma; S Wang On solar neutrino problem PDF icon ni14058.pdf
T Ma; S Wang Field theory for multi-particle system PDF icon ni14057.pdf
D Ruelle Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics of turbulence PDF icon ni14046.pdf
F Ragone; V Lucarini; F Lunkeit A new framework for climate sensitivity and prediction PDF icon ni14034.pdf
E Chernyavskaya; I Sudakov A statistical model for variability of the Arctic Ocean surface layer salinity PDF icon ni14025.pdf
I Sudakov; T Bellsky; S Usenyuk; V Polyakova Mathematics and climate infographics: a mechanism for interdisciplinary collaboration in the classroom PDF icon ni14024.pdf
R Aimino; H Hu; M Nicol; A Török; S Vaienti Polynomial loss of memory for maps of the interval with a neutral fixed point PDF icon ni14019.pdf
D Faranda; X Leoncini; S Vaienti Mixing properties in the advection of passive tracers via recurrences and extreme value theory PDF icon ni14018.pdf
B Cheng Improved accuracy of incompressible approximation of compressible Euler equations PDF icon ni14013.pdf
T Ma; S Wang Spectral theory of differential operators and energy levels of subatomic particles PDF icon ni14002.pdf
T Ma; S Wang Color algebra in quantum chromodynamics PDF icon ni14001.pdf
V Lucarini; S Pascale Entropy production and coarse graining of the climate fields in a general circulation model PDF icon ni13065.pdf
J Földes; N Glatt-Holtz; G Richards; E Thomann Ergodic and mixing properties of the Boussinesq equations with a degenerate random forcing PDF icon ni13062.pdf
N Glatt-Holtz; V Šverák; V Vicol On inviscid limits for the stochastic Navier-Stokes equations and related models PDF icon ni13061.pdf
V Lucarini; D Faranda; J Wouters; T Kuna Towards a general theory of extremes for observables of chaotic dynamical systems PDF icon ni13060.pdf
C Beck Possible resonance effect of axionic dark matter in S/N/S Josephson junctions PDF icon ni13059.pdf
V Lucarini; R Blender; S Pascale; J Wouters; C Herbert Mathematical and physical ideas for climate science PDF icon ni13057.pdf
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