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Young Researchers Meeting

21st May 2013 to 22nd May 2013

Organiser: John Ball (Oxford)

Applications are invited from research students and postdoctoral researchers in theoretical aspects of liquid crystals to attend this meeting, during which there will be the opportunity for all participants to give a short presentation and to have individual discussion on their research with a senior researcher attending the programme.

The programme will begin at 11.00 on 21 May and end at 15.00 on 22 May.

Required information:

  1. Are you a PhD student (if so what year) or a postdoctoral researcher?
  2. Please give a brief description of your research (a paragraph will do)
  3. Of the researchers present at the Isaac Newton Institute is there anyone you would particularly like to discuss your research with?
  4. Please give a title for a short presentation
  5. Do you require financial support towards your expenses?
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