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Participants (MLCW22)

Note: This list may not include "The Mathematics of Liquid Crystals" programme participants whose visits coincide with the workshop.

E.g., 2018-04-23
E.g., 2018-04-23
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Huzaifah Haritsah Abdul Razak  University of Oxford 22 March
Prafulla Apshingekar  University of Bradford 22 March
Martin Buzza  University of Hull 22 March
Claudia Ferreiro  University of Bristol 22 March
Thomas Gibaud  École Normale Supérieure 22 March
Craig Hall  University of Leeds 22 March
Neville Huskisson  None 22 March
Kira Klop  University of Oxford 22 March
Lokesh Likhar  University of Bradford 22 March
Alex Raisch  University of Oxford 22 March
Christine Stokes  University of Manchester 22 March
Xue-Feng Yuan  University of Manchester 22 March
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons