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Anderson Localization and Related Phenomena

18th August 2008 to 22nd August 2008

Organisers: YV Fyodorov (Nottingham), I Goldsheid (London), T Spencer (Princeton) and MR Zirnbauer (Cologne)

Workshop Theme

This is a one-week workshop bringing together mathematicians and theoretical physicists who are leaders in the study of various mathematical and physical aspects of the theory of random Schrödinger operators, Anderson localization phenomena, and related topics. Presentations are selected with the intent to review the current state of the art of the field in theoretical and mathematical physics.

Among the topics that will be addressed during the workshop are:

  • The nature of critical phenomena associated with localization-delocalization transitions;
  • The existence and statistical properties of extended states for D > 2 and the behaviour in the critical dimension D = 2;
  • Supersymmetric methods and nonlinear σ - model techniques;
  • The localization-delocalization phenomena associated with the Integer Quantum Hall effect and localization in the presence of a random magnetic field;
  • Asymptotic behaviour of products of random matrices and associated Lyapunov exponents;
  • Spectra, localization and delocalization in disordered systems described by non-selfadjoint operators;
  • Localization in systems with nonlinearities, and localization-delocalization phenomena in disordered systems of interacting quantum particles.
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