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Mathematics and Physics of Disordered Systems

17th September 2012 to 21st September 2012

Organisers: YV Fyodorov (Queen Mary, UK), I Goldsheid (Queen Mary, UK), T Spencer (IAS, Princeton, USA) and MR Zirnbauer (Univ. of Cologne, Germany)

Scope and Aims of the Meeting

The goal of the meeting is to review the progress in studies of the models of random media where disorder plays an essential role. Schroedinger operators with random potential were historically among the first models of that type, and the phenomenon of the Anderson localization still remains among the most important disorder-dominated effects with profound implications for other fields, such as as e.g. the Quantum Hall Effect. Various facets of the Anderson localization such as the wave function multifractality, relations between quantum localization and special types of classical random walks, interaction-induced criticality in topological insulators, and many other directions will be discussed at the conference. Other related areas of considerable research activity that will be addressed in the meeting include extreme value statistics of disordered energy landscapes, polymers in disordered media, random walks inrandom environment, Random Matrix Theory.

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