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New Mathematical Directions for Quantum Information

2nd September 2013 to 6th September 2013

Organisers: Ashley Montanaro (Bristol), Noah Linden (Bristol) and Andreas Winter (Bristol/Barcelona)

Workshop Theme

In recent years the field of quantum information theory has undergone explosive growth, and progress has been made on many of the most long-standing open problems in the field. Such progress has frequently relied on increasingly sophisticated and diverse mathematical tools. The goal of this workshop is to widely disseminate knowledge of these tools and the underlying mathematics involved, and to discuss exciting new directions for the field.

The workshop, which is the kick-off event for the programme Mathematical Challenges in Quantum Information, will bring together researchers from within and outside quantum information theory, with expertise in a variety of areas. The (very far from exhaustive) list of topics which will be covered includes:

  • De Finetti theorems
  • Interactive proofs
  • Measure concentration
  • Quantum computational complexity
  • Random matrix theory
  • XOR games
  • Information-theoretic techniques in quantum physics

The workshop will take place between Monday 2nd September and Friday 6th September 2013. It will consist of a series of tutorial and invited talks, encompassing both presentations of recent results in quantum information theory and introductions to the mathematical tools which can be used to attack outstanding problems in the field. There will also be a poster session, at which attendees are encouraged to present their work.

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