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Quantum Marginals

14th October 2013 to 18th October 2013

Organisers: Matthias Christandl (ETH Zurich), Michael Walter (ETH Zurich) and Andreas Winter (Bristol)

Workshop Theme

Understanding the quantum marginals, or reduced density matrices (RDMs), of multipartite quantum states is a fundamental theme in quantum information theory. Recent work has built on tools from convex analysis and random matrix theory as well as on the link to algebraic and symplectic geometry and asymptotic representation theory. In this workshop, we aim to bring together mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists to discuss recent developments, communicate open problems as well as to identify new directions for the future study of quantum marginals:

  • The quantum marginal problem/N-representability problem in quantum chemistry and mathematical physics
  • The study of entropies and entropy inequalities, entanglement and correlations of multipartite quantum states in quantum information theory
  • Mathematical aspects: geometry, representation theory and complexity theory
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