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Heilbronn Quantum Algorithms meeting

27th November 2013 to 28th November 2013

Organisers: Steve Brierley (Bristol), Richard Jozsa (Cambridge) and Andreas Winter (Bristol)

Workshop Theme

The study of algorithms that exploit properties of quantum systems is an exciting and challenging area. Quantum computing offers the potential to solve problems (exponentially) faster than classical computing. Algorithms have been developed for problems from diverse areas of mathematics including number theory, algebraic geometry, combinatorics, group theory, and simulations of physical systems. However, much is yet to be discovered about what problems a quantum computer could solve more efficiently than any classical device and which problems remain hard.

The meeting will showcase highlights in quantum algorithms research. We will have two days of outstanding speakers invited from around the world to talk about their recent work. Continuing the success of previous events, we expect the discussions to be lively and informative.

This event is supported by the Heilbronn Institute.

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