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Participants (MRT)

E.g., 2015-09-02
E.g., 2015-09-02
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
David Alexander    Rice University 8 August to 10 August
Hubert Baty    University of Strasbourg 23 August to 24 August
Wolfgang Baumjohann  Austrian Academy of Sciences 9 August to 11 August
Mitchell Berger  University College London 3 August to 5 August;
9 August to 11 August;
23 August to 27 August
Amitava Bhattacharjee  University of New Hampshire 8 August to 27 August
Joachim Birn  [Los Alamos Laboratories], Los Alamos National Laboratory 2 August to 27 August
Jörg Buchner  [Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research] 2 August to 27 August
Len Culhane  University College London 8 August to 10 August
William Daughton  Los Alamos National Laboratory 7 August to 14 August
John Dorelli  University of New Hampshire 7 August to 21 August
James Drake  University of Maryland 2 August to 21 August
Stefan Eriksson  University of Colorado 8 August to 11 August
Chunrong Feng  Loughborough University 9 August
Lyndsay Fletcher  [Glasgow University] 2 August to 25 August
Terry Forbes  University of New Hampshire, [EOS Institute] 2 August to 27 August
Mervyn Freeman  British Antarctic Survey 2 August to 27 August
Klaus Galsgaard  [St Andrews University] 2 August to 24 August
John Gibbon  Imperial College London 9 August to 10 August
Iain Hannah  University of Glasgow 8 August to 11 August
Michael Hesse  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 2 August to 26 August
Richard Horne  British Antarctic Survey 2 August to 6 August
Gunnar Hornig    University of St Andrews 2 August to 27 August
Masahiro Hoshino  University of Tokyo 2 August to 13 August
Joseph Huba  [US Naval Research Laboratory] 8 August to 15 August
Hugh Hudson    University of California, Berkeley 9 August to 11 August
Bernhard Kliem    [Astrophysical Institute Potsdam] 8 August to 13 August
Kanya Kusano Hiroshima University 2 August to 14 August
Mark Linton  [Naval Research Lab.] 2 August to 27 August
Dana Longcope  Montana State University 2 August to 27 August
Rhona Maclean  University of St Andrews 2 August to 13 August
James McLaughlin  University of St Andrews 8 August to 10 August
Keith Moffatt  University of Cambridge 2 August to 15 August
Thomas Neukirch  [St Andrews University] 2 August to 21 August
Katariina Nykyri [Imperial College] 9 August to 10 August
Clare Parnell  [St Andrews University] 8 August to 10 August
Francesco Pegoraro  [Universita' di Pisa] 2 August to 13 August
Panagiota Petkaki    British Antarctic Survey 2 August to 27 August
David Pontin University of St Andrews 2 August to 27 August
Eric Priest  [University of St. Andrews], [St Andrews University] 2 August to 27 August
Philip Pritchett  [UCLA] 2 August to 27 August
Michael Proctor    [DAMTP] 2 August to 27 August
Karl Schindler  [Bochum University] 2 August to 14 August
Manfred Scholer  [MPI- Garching] 4 August to 13 August
Michael Shay  University of Maryland 15 August to 22 August
Bhimsen Shivamoggi  University of Central Florida 8 August to 11 August
Viatcheslav Titov  [Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum] 16 August to 26 August
Karlheinz Trattner  [Lockheed Martin ATC] 7 August to 11 August
Rim Turkmani  [Imperial College] 9 August to 14 August;
16 August to 20 August
Grisha Vekstein  [UMIST] 9 August to 20 August
Clare Watt  University of Alberta 8 August to 10 August
Nigel Weiss  University of Cambridge 2 August to 27 August
Paul Wood [Mathematics Institute] 8 August to 11 August
Takaaki Yokoyama  University of Tokyo 9 August to 13 August
Yang Yu Loughborough University 9 August
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute The Leverhulme Trust London Mathematical Society Microsoft Research NM Rothschild and Sons