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Participants (MTG)

E.g., 2018-03-18
E.g., 2018-03-18
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Daniel Alonso Alemany  Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya 24 March to 17 April
Ian Clark  Rothamsted Research 24 March to 17 April
Stephen Cornell  University of Liverpool 30 March to 11 April
Alexei Drummond    University of Auckland 3 April to 11 April
Daniel Falush    Max-Planck-Institut für Evolutionäre Anthropologie 24 March to 15 April
Wally Gilks    University of Leeds 24 March to 17 April
Nick Goldman    European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge 24 March to 17 April
Chris Greenman  The Genome Analysis Centre 24 March to 17 April
Penny Hirsch  Rothamsted Research 24 March to 17 April
Susan Holmes    Stanford University 24 March to 17 April
Daniel Huson    [University of Tübingen]; Universität Tübingen 24 March to 4 April;
11 April to 17 April
Zam Iqbal  University of Oxford 25 March to 6 April
David Koslicki    Oregon State University 24 March to 17 April
Richard Leggett    The Genome Analysis Centre 24 March to 17 April
Hongzhe Li    University of Pennsylvania 24 March to 2 April
Elisa Loza  Rothamsted Research; NHS Blood and Transplant 24 March to 28 March
Rodrigo Mendes  Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária (EMBRAPA) 24 March to 17 April
Vincent Moulton    University of East Anglia 24 March to 17 April
Andy Neal  Rothamsted Research 24 March to 17 April
Nam-phuong Nguyen    University of Texas at Austin 24 March to 17 April
Jack O'Brien    Bowdoin College 24 March to 29 March
Vincent Plagnol    University College London 24 March to 17 April
Mihai Pop    University of Maryland 24 March to 26 March
Mihaela Pricop-Jeckstadt  Universität Bonn 24 March to 17 April
Chris Quince  University of Glasgow 24 March to 17 April
Eddy Rubin  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 24 March to 29 March
Monica Santamaria  Institute of Biomembrane and Bioenergetics, CNR 24 March to 17 April
Alex Sczyrba  Universität Bielefeld 24 March to 17 April
Simon Tavaré    University of Cambridge 24 March to 17 April
Gabriel Valiente    Technical University of Catalonia 24 March to 17 April
Carsten Wiuf    University of Copenhagen 6 April to 12 April
Tanya Yatsunenko  Second Genome, Inc. 14 April to 16 April
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons