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Final Workshop

14th December 2009 to 18th December 2009

Organisers: David Burns (KCL), John Coates (Cambridge), Guy Henniart (Universite Paris-Sud), Minhyon Kim (UCL), Florian Pop (Pennsylvania) and Mohamed Saidi (Exeter)

Workshop Theme

The Final Workshop aims at presenting some of the most exciting new developments in the main topics of the NAG Programme, namely Anabelian Geometry and (Non-commutative) Iwasawa Theory, as well as in other areas of arithmetic geometry, like rational points on varieties, p-adic representations, special values of complex L-functions, automorphic forms, and the interactions between these. We hope as well to provide not only a picture of the questions/problems discussed/solved during the Programme, but also to draw future possibilities for applying non-abelian aspects to a broad range of arithmetic investigations. The workshop will bring together experts in the above areas of arithmetic geometry.

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