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Noncommutative Geometry and Cyclic Cohomology

31st July 2006 to 4th August 2006

Organisers: A Connes (IHES), H Moscovici (Ohio State), R Nest (Copenhagen), G Yu (Vandebilt)
Scientific Advisory Panel: N Higson (Penn State), MA Rieffel (Berkeley), J Roe (Penn State), M Van den Bergh (Hasselt)

Workshop Theme

This first workshop will focus on the mathematics of noncommutative differential geometry, centered on cyclic cohomology. Current trends to be covered include: (a) Strong progress in noncommutative Chern-Weil theory and the cyclic cohomology of Hopf algebras, sparked by work on the transverse index theory of foliations. (b) The growing deep connection between noncommutative geometry and number theory, in particular the relation between the theory of motives in the sense of Grothendieck and noncommutative geometry. (c) Related developments in algebraic K-theory, triangulated categories, quantum group methods.

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