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Noncommutative Geometry and Physics: Fundamental Structure of Space and Time

4th September 2006 to 8th September 2006

Organisers: A Connes (IHES), C Hull (Imperial), S Majid (Queen Mary) and A Schwarz (UC Davis)

Scientific Advisory Panel: J Cuntz (Munster), G 't Hooft (Utrecht) and Yu Manin (MPI Bonn)

Workshop Theme

The workshop is expected to be a unique event that brings together mathematicians and physicists to consider the fundamental nature of space and time. Are space and time a continuum, discrete or something different from both of these at the tiniest scales? Is time intrinsically generated? What is the picture of spacetime arising from string theory and quantum gravity? Noncommutative geometry provides a radical proposal as to what 'geometry' might be from a pure mathematician's point of view. The workshop will bring this and other new conceptions of geometry in contact with physical and philosophical intuitions about the nature of gravity, quantum measurement, information, and the possibility of experimental test.

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University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons