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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
LO Müller Enhanced global mathematical model for studying cerebral venous blood flow PDF icon ni14041.pdf
GI Montecinos; LO Müller Hyperbolic reformulation of a 1D viscoelastic blood flow model and ADER finite volume schemes PDF icon ni14014.pdf
LO Müller A global multi-scale mathematical model for the human circulation with emphasis on the venous system PDF icon ni13007.pdf
A Canestrelli; M Dumbser Well-balanced high-order centred schemes for non-conservative hyperbolic systems. Applications to shallow water equations with fixed and mobile bed. PDF icon ni09023.pdf
A Hidalgo; M Dumbser FORCE schemes on unstructured meshes I: conservative hyperbolic systems PDF icon ni09005.pdf
M Dumbser; D Balsara; C Munz A unified framework for the construction of one-step finite-volume and discontinuous Galerkin schemes on unstructured meshes PDF icon ni07084.pdf
A Hidalgo ADER finite volume schemes for nonlinear diffusion-reaction equations PDF icon ni07011.pdf
M Dumbser Explicit finite volume schemes of arbitrary high order of accuracy for hyperbolic systems with stiff source terms PDF icon ni07007.pdf
M Yamazaki Entropy solutions of the Eular equations for isothermal relativistic fluids PDF icon ni06061.pdf
CE Castro Alternative solvers for the derivative Riemann problem for hyperbolic balance laws PDF icon ni06053.pdf
VA Titarev ADER schemes for the shallow water equations in channel with irregular bottom elevation PDF icon ni06051.pdf
VA Titarev Exact solution of the Riemann problem for the shallow water equations with discontinuous bottom geometry PDF icon ni06020.pdf
VA Titarev Exact Riemann problem solutions and upwind fluxes for nonlinear elasticity PDF icon ni06018.pdf
VA Titarev Derivative Riemann solvers for systems of conservation laws and ADER methods PDF icon ni05004.pdf
CE Castro A Riemann solver and upwind methods for a two-phase flow model in non-conservative form PDF icon ni05001.pdf
AD Resnyansky Conservative hyperbolic model for compressible two-phase flow with different phase pressures and temperatures PDF icon ni04034.pdf
VA Titarev MUSTA schemes for systems of conservation laws PDF icon ni04033.pdf
VA Titarev MUSTA schemes for multi-dimensional hyperbolic systems: analysis and improvements PDF icon ni04032.pdf
VA Titarev ADER schemes for three-dimensional nonlinear hyperbolic systems PDF icon ni04007.pdf
VA Titarev ADER schemes for scalar hyperbolic conservation laws in three space dimensions PDF icon ni03063.pdf
VA Titarev Finite-volume weno schemes for three-dimensional conservation laws PDF icon ni03057.pdf
GQ Chen Free boundary problems and transonic shocks for the Euler equations in unbounded domains PDF icon ni03054.pdf
VA Titarev Eno and Weno schemes based on upwind centred TVD fluxes PDF icon ni03052.pdf
GQ Chen Centred schemes for nonlinear hyperbolic equations PDF icon ni03046.pdf
VA Titarev Towards fully conservative numerical methods for the nonlinear model Boltzmann equation PDF icon ni03031.pdf
P Goatin The Riemann problem for a class of resonant hyperbolic systems of balance laws PDF icon ni03025.pdf
MD Thanh The Riemann problem for fluid flows in a nozzle with discontinuous cross-section PDF icon ni03024.pdf
H Li Existence and asymptotic behavior of multi-dimensional quantum hydrodynamic model for semiconductors PDF icon ni03021.pdf
GQ Chen Steady transonic shocks and free boundary problems in infinite cylinders for the Euler equations PDF icon ni03015.pdf
D Serre Hyperbolicity of the non-linear models of Maxwell's equations PDF icon ni03012.pdf
VA Titarev TVD fluxes for the high-order ADER schemes PDF icon ni03011.pdf
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