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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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E Han; G Warnecke; EF Toro; A Siviglia On Riemann solutions to weakly hyperbolic systems part 2. Modelling subcritical flows in arteries PDF icon ni15004.pdf
E Han; G Warnecke; EF Toro; A Siviglia On Riemann solutions to weakly hyperbolic systems part 1. Modelling subcritical flows in arteries PDF icon ni15003.pdf
LO Müller; EF Toro Enhanced global mathematical model for studying cerebral venous blood flow PDF icon ni14041.pdf
GI Montecinos; LO Müller; EF Toro Hyperbolic reformulation of a 1D viscoelastic blood flow model and ADER finite volume schemes PDF icon ni14014.pdf
LO Müller; EF Toro A global multi-scale mathematical model for the human circulation with emphasis on the venous system PDF icon ni13007.pdf
A Canestrelli; A Siviglia; M Dumbser; EF Toro Well-balanced high-order centred schemes for non-conservative hyperbolic systems. Applications to shallow water equations with fixed and mobile bed. PDF icon ni09023.pdf
LF Dinu; MI Dinu Martin's "differential" approach: some classifying remarks PDF icon ni09021.pdf
EF Toro; A Hidalgo; M Dumbser FORCE schemes on unstructured meshes I: conservative hyperbolic systems PDF icon ni09005.pdf
M Dumbser; D Balsara; EF Toro; C Munz A unified framework for the construction of one-step finite-volume and discontinuous Galerkin schemes on unstructured meshes PDF icon ni07084.pdf
LF Dinu; MI Dinu Nondegeneracy, from the prospect of wave-wave regular interactions of a gasdynamic type: some remarks PDF icon ni07055.pdf
EF Toro; A Hidalgo ADER finite volume schemes for nonlinear diffusion-reaction equations PDF icon ni07011.pdf
M Dumbser; C Enaux; EF Toro Explicit finite volume schemes of arbitrary high order of accuracy for hyperbolic systems with stiff source terms PDF icon ni07007.pdf
PG LeFloch; M Yamazaki Entropy solutions of the Eular equations for isothermal relativistic fluids PDF icon ni06061.pdf
BL Chen; PG LeFloch Injectivity radius of Lorentzian manifolds PDF icon ni06060.pdf
CE Castro; EF Toro Alternative solvers for the derivative Riemann problem for hyperbolic balance laws PDF icon ni06053.pdf
G Vignoli; VA Titarev; EF Toro ADER schemes for the shallow water equations in channel with irregular bottom elevation PDF icon ni06051.pdf
LF Dinu Multidimensional wave-wave regular interactions and genuine nonlinearity: some remarks PDF icon ni06029.pdf
R Bernetti; VA Titarev; EF Toro Exact solution of the Riemann problem for the shallow water equations with discontinuous bottom geometry PDF icon ni06020.pdf
VA Titarev; E Romenski; EF Toro Exact Riemann problem solutions and upwind fluxes for nonlinear elasticity PDF icon ni06018.pdf
EF Toro; VA Titarev Derivative Riemann solvers for systems of conservation laws and ADER methods PDF icon ni05004.pdf
EF Toro Riemann solvers with evolved initial conditions PDF icon ni05003.pdf
CE Castro; EF Toro A Riemann solver and upwind methods for a two-phase flow model in non-conservative form PDF icon ni05001.pdf
E Romenski; AD Resnyansky; EF Toro Conservative hyperbolic model for compressible two-phase flow with different phase pressures and temperatures PDF icon ni04034.pdf
EF Toro; VA Titarev MUSTA schemes for systems of conservation laws PDF icon ni04033.pdf
VA Titarev; EF Toro MUSTA schemes for multi-dimensional hyperbolic systems: analysis and improvements PDF icon ni04032.pdf
E Romenski; EF Toro Compressible two-phase flows: Two-pressure models and numerical methods PDF icon ni04012.pdf
EF Toro MUSTA: A multi-stage numerical flux PDF icon ni04008.pdf
VA Titarev; EF Toro ADER schemes for three-dimensional nonlinear hyperbolic systems PDF icon ni04007.pdf
M Feldman; S-Y Ha; M Slemrod A geometric level-set formulation of a plasma-sheath interface PDF icon ni03084.pdf
LF Dinu Shock-turbulence interaction an exhaustively classifying linearized approach PDF icon ni03073.pdf
EF Toro; VA Titarev ADER schemes for scalar hyperbolic conservation laws in three space dimensions PDF icon ni03063.pdf
VA Titarev; EF Toro Finite-volume weno schemes for three-dimensional conservation laws PDF icon ni03057.pdf
GQ Chen; M Feldman Free boundary problems and transonic shocks for the Euler equations in unbounded domains PDF icon ni03054.pdf
VA Titarev; EF Toro Eno and Weno schemes based on upwind centred TVD fluxes PDF icon ni03052.pdf
GQ Chen; EF Toro Centred schemes for nonlinear hyperbolic equations PDF icon ni03046.pdf
EF Toro Multi-stage predictor-corrector fluxes for hyperbolic equations PDF icon ni03037.pdf
VA Titarev Towards fully conservative numerical methods for the nonlinear model Boltzmann equation PDF icon ni03031.pdf
EI Romenski; EF Toro Shock waves in compressible two-phase flows PDF icon ni03026.pdf
P Goatin; PG LeFloch The Riemann problem for a class of resonant hyperbolic systems of balance laws PDF icon ni03025.pdf
PG LeFloch; MD Thanh The Riemann problem for fluid flows in a nozzle with discontinuous cross-section PDF icon ni03024.pdf
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