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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
A Besser; R De Jeu The syntomic regular for ${\it k}$-theory of fields PDF icon ni03001.pdf
T Geisser; L Hesselholt The de Rham-Witt complex and ${\it p}$-adic vanishing cycles PDF icon ni02058.pdf
A Baker; B Richter $\Gamma$-Cohomology of rings of numerical polynomials and E$\infty$ structures on K-theory PDF icon ni02054.pdf
M Ando The sigma orientation for analytic circle equivariant elliptic cohomology PDF icon ni02052.pdf
JF Jardine Simplicial approximation PDF icon ni02051.pdf
JPC Greenlees Rational torus-equivariant stable homotopy II the algebra of localization and inflation PDF icon ni02050.pdf
JPC Greenlees Rational torus-equivariant stable homotopy I calculating groups of stable maps PDF icon ni02049.pdf
V Snaith Galois structure of vanishing cycles PDF icon ni02041.pdf
JE McClure; JH Smith Cosimplicial objects and little $\it n$-cubes.I. PDF icon ni02039.pdf
VP Snaith Relative $K_0$, annihilators, Fitting ideals and the Stickelberger phenomena PDF icon ni02037.pdf
VP Snaith The upper triangular group and operations in algebraic K-theory PDF icon ni02036.pdf
JF Jardine Generalised sheaf cohomology theories PDF icon ni02034.pdf
D Burns; B Köck; V Snaith Refined and $l$-adic Euler characteristics of nearly perfect complexes PDF icon ni02032.pdf
L Hesselholt Galois cohomology of Witt vectors of algebraic integers PDF icon ni02031.pdf
JF Jardine Cubical homotopy theory: a beginning PDF icon ni02030.pdf
O Neiße; V Snaith Explicit Brauer induction for symplectic and and orthogonal representations PDF icon ni02029.pdf
A Case; V Snaith Explicit Brauer induction and the Glauberman correspondence PDF icon ni02028.pdf
VP Snaith Stark's conjecture and new Stickelberger phenomena PDF icon ni02026.pdf
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