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Participants (NSTW01)

Note: This list may not include "New Contexts for Stable Homotopy Theory" programme participants whose visits coincide with the workshop.

E.g., 2018-06-26
E.g., 2018-06-26
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Marian Anton  University of Kentucky 9 September to 20 September
Christian Ausoni University of Sheffield 9 September to 20 September
Nils Baas  [Norwegian University] 8 September to 21 September
Andrew (Andy) Baker  University of Glasgow 8 September to 21 September
Malkhaz Bakuradze  [A. Razmadze math. Inst.] 8 September to 18 September
Paul Balmer [SFB Universitaet Muenster] 8 September to 21 September
Grzegorz Banaszak Adam Mickiewicz University 8 September to 21 September
Stefan Baranczuk  Adam Mickiewicz University 8 September to 21 September
Michael Batanin  Macquarie University 9 September to 18 September
Georg Biedermann [Bonn] 8 September to 21 September
Spencer Bloch  University of Chicago 9 September to 20 September
Gunnar Carlsson  [University of Stanford] 9 September to 20 September
Carles Casacuberta  Universitat de Barcelona 8 September to 11 September
Viorel Costeanu [MIT] 16 September to 20 September
Rob De Jeu University of Durham 9 September to 20 September
Frederic Deglise Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu 15 September to 22 September
Natalia Dobrinskaya  Moscow State University 8 September to 21 September
Goran Dubajic  8 September to 21 September
Bjorn Ian Dundas  NTNU 8 September to 21 September
Bill Dwyer  University of Notre Dame 9 September to 20 September
Hélene Esnault [Universitaet-Gesamthochschule-Essen] 9 September to 20 September
Halvard Fausk [Northwestern University Evanston] 7 September to 22 September
Ivorra Florian  Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu 8 September to 21 September
Wojcciech Gajda [UAM] 8 September to 21 September
Soren Galatius  [University of Aarhus] 8 September to 20 September
Nora Ganter 9 September to 14 September
Grigory Garkusha University of Manchester 8 September to 15 September
David Gepner University of Illinois 8 September to 21 September
Nikolaj Glazunov  [Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics] 8 September to 21 September
Paul Goerss  Northwestern University 8 September to 14 September
Krzyssztof Gornisiewicz  [Adam Mickiewicz Univ.] 8 September to 21 September
John Greenlees  University of Sheffield 9 September to 20 September
Francisco Guillen  [University of Barcelona] 8 September to 21 September
Javier Gutierrez Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 9 September to 20 September
Masaki Hanamura  Kyushu University 9 September to 20 September
Lars Hesselholt  [MIT] 9 September to 20 September
Jens Hornbostel [Universitaet Regensburg] 8 September to 21 September
Mark Hovey  Wesleyan University 9 September to 20 September
Uwe Jannsen  [Universitaet Regensburg] 9 September to 20 September
Rick Jardine  University of Western Ontario 9 September to 20 September
Bruno Kahn [Institute de Mathématiques de Jussieu] 15 September to 20 September
Piotr Kraso'n [Szczecin University] 8 September to 21 September
Aderemi Kuku  [ICTP] 8 September to 21 September
Florence Lecomte  [IRMA] 8 September to 21 September
Marc Levine  Northeastern University 15 September to 20 September
Steve Lichtenbaum  Brown University 9 September to 20 September
Sverre Andre Lunoe-Nielsen  University of Oslo 9 September to 20 September
Ib Madsen  [Aarhus University] 9 September to 20 September
Peter May  University of Chicago 8 September to 18 September
John McCleary  Vassar College 9 September to 20 September
James (Jim) McClure Purdue University 9 September to 20 September
Haynes Miller  [MIT] 9 September to 13 September
Fabien Morel  [Universite Paris 7] 9 September to 20 September
Yvesey Nisnevich [CMI] 15 September to 22 September
Behrang Noohi University of Western Ontario 9 September to 20 September
Paul Arne Ostvar University of Oslo 9 September to 20 September
Taras Panov  Moscow State University 8 September to 21 September
Geoffrey Powell  [Institut Galilee] 15 September to 20 September
Douglas Ravenel University of Rochester 9 September to 20 September
Nigel Ray  University of Manchester 9 September to 10 September
Olivier Renaudin [Sheffield University] 8 September to 21 September
Birgit Richter  [Universtät Bonn] 8 September to 21 September
Oliver Roendigs  [Universitaet Bielefeld] 8 September to 21 September
John Rognes  University of Oslo 9 September to 20 September
Marco Schlichting [Universität GH-Essen] 8 September to 21 September
Christian Schlichtkrull Stanford University 8 September to 21 September
Alexander Schmidt  Universität Heidelberg 8 September to 21 September
Peter Schneider  [Westfalische Wilhelms University] 9 September to 20 September
Anthony James Scholl  University of Durham 9 September to 20 September
Stefan Schwede [Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster] 9 September to 20 September
Christian Serpe  [Universitaet-Muenster] 8 September to 21 September
Vladimir Smirnov  Moscow State University 11 September to 16 September
Jeff Smith  Purdue University 8 September to 14 September
Victor Percy Snaith  University of Southampton 9 September to 20 September
Neil Strickland  University of Sheffield 9 September to 20 September
Markus Szymik  Universität Bielefeld 8 September to 21 September
Martin Taylor  University of Oxford 8 September to 20 September
Bertrand Toen [Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis] 13 September to 21 September
Burt Totaro  University of Cambridge 9 September to 20 September
Alexander Vishik  [Moscow Independent University] 8 September to 21 September
Charles Weibel  [Rutgers University] 9 September to 20 September
Thomas Wenger Northwestern University 8 September to 21 September
Sarah Whitehouse  University of Sheffield 18 September to 20 September
Gareth Williams University of Sheffield 8 September to 21 September
Nobuaki Yagita [Ibaraki University] 9 September to 20 September
Serge Yagunov  [Steklov Math. Inst.] 9 September to 20 September
Ivan Yudin [Georg-August-Universitaet] 8 September to 21 September
Kirill Zainoulline  [MPI für Bonn] 8 September to 21 September
Igor Zhukov  [University of St Petersburg] 18 September to 22 September
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