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Participants (NSTW03)

Note: This list may not include "New Contexts for Stable Homotopy Theory" programme participants whose visits coincide with the workshop.

E.g., 2018-02-25
E.g., 2018-02-25
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Victor Abrashkin  University of Durham 29 September to 2 October
Matthew Ando  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 30 September to 4 October
Marian Anton  University of Kentucky 29 September to 5 October
Grzegorz Banaszak Adam Mickiewicz University 28 September to 5 October
Stefan Baranczuk  Adam Mickiewicz University 28 September to 5 October
Amnon Besser  Ben-Gurion University 28 September to 5 October
Spencer Bloch  University of Chicago 30 September to 4 October
Francis Brown École Normale Supérieure 29 September to 5 October
Lars Bruenjes Universität Regensburg 1 October to 5 October
David Burns  King's College London 3 October
Gunnar Carlsson  [University of Stanford] 30 September to 4 October
Alexander Caspar  [Max-Planck-Institut fuer Mathematik] 29 September to 5 October
Denis-Charles Cisinski  [Universite Paris 7] 29 September to 5 October
Francis Clarke  [University of Wales Swansea] 29 September to 5 October
Viorel Costeanu [MIT] 29 September to 5 October
Andrzej Dabrowski  University of Szczecin 29 September to 5 October
Rob De Jeu University of Durham 30 September to 4 October
Tim Dokchitser  University of Durham 30 September to 4 October
Bill Dwyer  University of Notre Dame 30 September to 4 October
Rémy Eupherte  [University Bordeaux] 29 September to 4 October
Ivan Fesenko  University of Nottingham 30 September to 2 October
Ivorra Florian  Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu 29 September to 5 October
Hidekazu Furusho Kyoto University 29 September to 5 October
Wojcciech Gajda [UAM] 29 September to 5 October
Thomas Geisser [USC] 28 September to 5 October
Ralf Gerkmann [Institute of Experimental Mathematics] 29 September to 5 October
Philippe Gille [Universite d'Orsay] 29 September to 5 October
Cristian Gonzalez-Aviles  29 September to 5 October
Krzyssztof Gornisiewicz  [Adam Mickiewicz Univ.] 28 September to 5 October
Jean-Guillaume Grebet University of Durham 29 September to 5 October
John Greenlees  University of Sheffield 30 September to 4 October
Javier Gutierrez Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona 29 September to 5 October
Masaki Hanamura  Kyushu University 30 September to 4 October
Lars Hesselholt  [MIT] 30 September to 4 October
Jens Hornbostel [Universitaet Regensburg] 28 September to 5 October
Mark Hovey  Wesleyan University 30 September to 4 October
Dale Husemoller  [MPI-Bonn] 29 September to 5 October
Uwe Jannsen  [Universitaet Regensburg] 30 September to 4 October
Rick Jardine  University of Western Ontario 30 September to 4 October
Bruno Kahn [Institute de Mathématiques de Jussieu] 30 September to 4 October
Kenichiro Kimura  University of Tsukuba 29 September to 5 October
Bernard Koeck  University of Southampton 29 September to 5 October
Piotr Kraso'n [Szczecin University] 28 September to 5 October
Aderemi Kuku  [ICTP] 29 September to 1 October
Andreas Langer  [Universitaet Bielefeld] 29 September to 5 October
Florence Lecomte  [IRMA] 29 September to 5 October
Marc Levine  Northeastern University 29 September to 4 October
Steve Lichtenbaum  Brown University 30 September to 4 October
Sverre Andre Lunoe-Nielsen  University of Oslo 9 September to 20 September
Ib Madsen  [Aarhus University] 30 September to 4 October
Mark Mahowald  Northwestern University 30 September to 4 October
Satoshi Mochizuki University of Tokyo 29 September to 5 October
Wieslawa Niziol  University of Utah 29 September to 5 October
Behrang Noohi University of Western Ontario 29 September to 5 October
Paul Arne Ostvar University of Oslo 29 September to 5 October
Taras Panov  Moscow State University 29 September to 5 October
Claudio Pedrini  [Genova] 29 September to 5 October
Geoffrey Powell  [Institut Galilee] 29 September to 5 October
Jose Ramon Mari University of Durham 29 September to 5 October
Douglas Ravenel University of Rochester 30 September to 4 October
Mahmoud Rezaei  29 September to 5 October
John Rognes  University of Oslo 30 September to 4 October
Alexander Schmidt  Universität Heidelberg 29 September to 5 October
Peter Schneider  [Westfalische Wilhelms University] 30 September to 4 October
Anthony James Scholl  University of Durham 30 September to 4 October
Stefan Schwede [Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster] 30 September to 4 October
Christian Serpe  [Universitaet-Muenster] 28 September to 4 October
Victor Percy Snaith  University of Southampton 30 September to 4 October
Christophe Soulé  IHES 30 September to 4 October
Neil Strickland  University of Sheffield 30 September to 4 October
Jan Strooker  [University of Utrecht] 29 September to 5 October
Martin Taylor  University of Oxford 30 September to 4 October
Burt Totaro  University of Cambridge 30 September to 4 October
Charles Weibel  [Rutgers University] 30 September to 1 October
Olivier Wittenberg [ENS] 29 September to 5 October
Zdzistaw Wojtkowiak  Université de Nice 29 September to 5 October
Nobuaki Yagita [Ibaraki University] 30 September to 4 October
Takao Yamazaki Universiteit Utrecht 29 September to 5 October
Seidai Yasuda  Kyoto University 30 September to 3 October
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