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Participants (NWWW01)

Note: This list may not include "Nonlinear water waves" programme participants whose visits coincide with the workshop.

E.g., 2018-02-25
E.g., 2018-02-25
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Anatoly Abrashkin Higher School of Economics, Moscow 2 August to 16 August
Biswajit Basu Trinity College Dublin 6 August to 20 August
Onno Bokhove University of Leeds 1 August to 13 August
Boris Buffoni EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 6 August to 19 August
Amin Chabchoub Aalto University 6 August to 11 August
Alan Compelli Dublin Institute of Technology 7 August to 11 August
Adrian Constantin 31 July to 20 August
Joachim Escher 7 August to 25 August
Anna Geyer  Universität Wien 5 August to 19 August
John Grue  University of Oslo 6 August to 11 August
Benjamin Harrop-griffiths  Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences 6 August to 11 August
Susanna Haziot Universität Wien 6 August to 11 August
David Henry  University College Cork 31 July to 19 August
Helge Holden 31 July to 17 August
Tatsuo Iguchi Keio University 4 August to 13 August
Alexandru Ionescu Princeton University 6 August to 17 August
Delia Ionescu-Kruse Institute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy 5 August to 19 August
Rossen Ivanov Dublin Institute of Technology 31 July to 25 August
Edward Johnson University College London 31 July to 13 August
Robin Johnson Newcastle University 31 July to 19 August
Konstantinos Kalimeris Austrian Academy of Sciences 6 August to 10 August
Mateusz Kluczek University College Cork 6 August to 11 August
Florian Kogelbauer ETH Zürich 6 August to 11 August
Vladimir Kozlov Linköpings Universitet 31 July to 12 August
Christina Lienstromberg Leibniz Universität Hannover 7 August to 19 August
Yue Liu University of Texas at Arlington 6 August to 11 August
Tony Lyons Waterford Institute of Technology 6 August to 11 August
Bogdan Matioc Leibniz Universität Hannover 6 August to 16 August
Yoshimasa Matsuno Yamaguchi University 31 July to 16 August
Andre Nachbin  IMPA - Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, Rio de Janeiro 2 August to 12 August
Dag Nilsson Lunds Universitet 6 August to 11 August
Hisashi Okamoto  Gakushuin University 3 August to 19 August
Nigel Orr Dublin Institute of Technology 6 August to 11 August
Emilian I Parau University of East Anglia 7 August to 11 August
Ronald Quirchmayr KTH - Royal Institute of Technology 6 August to 11 August
Adrian Rodriguez-Sanjurjo University College Cork 6 August to 11 August
Jalal Shatah New York University 6 August to 11 August
Mayumi Shoji Japan Women's University 3 August to 19 August
Seung Wook So Brown University 6 August to 11 August
Walter Strauss Brown University 9 August to 19 August
Raphael Stuhlmeier Technion - Israel Institute of Technology 6 August to 12 August
Douglas Svensson seth Lund University 6 August to 11 August
Gareth Thomas University College Cork 6 August to 19 August
Motohiko Umeyama  Tokyo Metropolitan University 6 August to 11 August
Ton van den Bremer  University of Edinburgh 5 August to 14 August
Eugen Varvaruca Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza; University of Reading 31 July to 25 August
Vladimir Vladimirov  Sultan Qaboos University; University of York 6 August to 9 August
Samuel Walsh University of Missouri 6 August to 11 August
Michio Yamada Kyoto University 3 August to 10 August
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons