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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
Adam Dor-On; Evgenios Kakariadis Operator algebras for higher rank analysis and their application to factorial languages PDF icon ni16071.pdf
Gandalf Lechner; Ulrich Pennig; Simon Wood Yang-Baxter representations of the infinite symmetric group PDF icon ni16066.pdf
Evgenios Kakariadis; Robert T. Bickerton Free multivariate semicrossed products: reflexivity and the bicommutant property PDF icon ni16064.pdf
Christopher Barrett ; Evgenios Kakariadis On the quantized dynamics of factorial languages PDF icon ni16063.pdf
Yoh Tanimoto; Roberto Longo; Yoshimichi Ueda Yoh Tanimoto PDF icon ni16062.pdf
Stefaan Vaes; Jonas Wahl Bernoulli actions of type III_1 and L^2-cohomology PDF icon ni16060.pdf
Sebastien Palcoux Euler totient of subfactor planar algebras PDF icon ni16058.pdf
Stephen Moore Non-semisimple planar algebras from the representation theory of ${\overline{U}_q}{(\mathfrak{sl}_2)}$ PDF icon ni16057.pdf
Stefaan Vaes; David Kyed; Sven Raum; Matthias Valvekens L^2-Betti numbers of rigid C*-tensor categories and discrete quantum groups PDF icon ni16055.pdf
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