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Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Interacting Particle Systems

27th March 2006 to 7th April 2006

Organisers: JL Cardy (Oxford), MR Evans (Edinburgh), D Mukamel (Weizmann) and H Spohn (München)

Supported by the European Commission, Sixth Framework Programme - Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses - MSCF-CT-2004-516558

School Theme

The school will focus on the statistical mechanics of systems driven away from thermal equilibrium. Recently, the understanding of nonequilibrium steady states and their mathematical structure has advanced considerably through the exact solution of simple models of interacting particle systems. These studies have revealed intriguing phenomena such as one-dimensional phase transitions and the existence of large deviation functionals. On the other hand, more generic approaches such as the fluctuation theorem have been developed. On the experimental front progress has been made in probing biophysical transport and granular media. The aim of the school is to integrate the various aspects mentioned above. Lecturers will deliver mini courses bringing young researchers from different backgrounds to the forefront of this broad and rapidly developing field.

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