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Participants (PDSW03)

Note: This list may not include "Principles of the Dynamics of Non-Equilibrium Systems" programme participants whose visits coincide with the workshop.

E.g., 2018-03-19
E.g., 2018-03-19
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Raymond Astumian  [The University of Maine] 25 June to 1 July
Franco Bagnoli  [University of Florence] 25 June to 1 July
Mustansir Barma    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research 26 June to 30 June
Golan Bel  University of California 25 June to 2 July
Daniel ben-Avraham  [Clarkson University] 25 June to 1 July
Eli Ben-Naim    [LANL] 26 June to 30 June
Olivier Benichou  Collège de France 25 June to 30 June
Eric Bertin [University of Geneva] 25 June to 1 July
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud [CEA-Saclay] 27 June to 30 June
Maury Bramson  University of Minnesota 26 June to 30 June
Alan Bray  University of Manchester 26 June to 30 June
Theodore Burkhardt    Temple University 26 June to 30 June
Samarth Chandra  Tata Institute of Fundamental Research 25 June to 1 July
Sakuntala Chatterjee  Tata Institute of Fundamental Research 25 June to 1 July
Maxime Clusel [Institut Laue-Langevin] 25 June to 1 July
Jonathan Coe University of Edinburgh 25 June to 1 July
Alain Comtet [Universite Paris 11] 26 June to 30 June
Sylvain Condamin  [Universite Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI] 25 June to 30 June
Leticia Cugliandolo    [Universite Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris VI] 26 June to 30 June
Chandan Dasgupta    Indian Institute of Science 25 June to 1 July
Joern Davidsen British Antarctic Survey 27 June to 30 June
David Dean  [Université Paul Sabatier] 25 June to 1 July
Deepak Dhar  [Tata Institute for Fundamental Research] 26 June to 30 June
Carlos Escudero  University of Oxford 25 June to 1 July
Martin Evans  University of Edinburgh 26 June to 30 June
Francesco Fedele  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 25 June to 1 July
Pablo Ferrari    [IME-USP] 26 June to 30 June
Mohammad Ebrahim Fouladvand Zanjan University 24 June to 30 June
Silvio Franz    [ICTP, Trieste]; [ICTP] 26 June to 30 June
Anandamohan Ghosh Tata Institute of Fundamental Research 25 June to 1 July
James Gleeson  University College Cork 26 June to 28 June
Claude Godreche  [CEA-Saclay]; [CEA Saclay] 26 June to 30 June
Stefan Grosskinsky  University of Cambridge 26 June to 30 June
Hasan Guclu Los Alamos National Laboratory 24 June to 1 July
Pablo Hurtado  [Universite Montpellier II] 25 June to 1 July
Farhad Jafarpour Hamadani  [Bu-Ali Sina University] 25 June to 1 July
Ludovic Jaubert  [Normale Superieure de Lyon] 25 June to 1 July
Michael Kearney  University of Surrey 25 June to 1 July
David Kessler  Bar-Ilan University 25 June to 29 June
Joseph Klafter  Tel Aviv University 26 June to 29 June
Jorge Kurchan    PMMH-ESPCI 26 June to 30 June
Vivien Lecomte [Universite Paris XI] 25 June to 1 July
Ingo Lohmar  [Koeln University] 25 June to 1 July
Jean-Marc Luck [CEA-Saclay] 25 June to 1 July
Grant Lythe  University of Leeds 25 June to 30 June
Satya Majumdar Université Paris-Sud 26 June to 30 June
Kirone Mallick [CEA Saclay] 25 June to 1 July
Jaume Masoliver  Universitat de Barcelona 25 June to 28 June
Nicholas Moloney  [Eotvos University] 25 June to 1 July
David Mukamel    [The Weizmann Institute of Sciences]; [Weizmann Institute of Sciences] 26 June to 30 June
Piero Olla  [University degli Studi di Cagliari] 25 June to 2 July
Gleb Oshanin  [Univeristy of Paris 6] 25 June to 1 July
Robin Pemantle  University of Pennsylvania 26 June to 30 June
Mathew Penrose  University of Bath 28 June to 29 June
Anatolii Puhalskii Heriot-Watt University 25 June to 1 July
Zoltan Racz    [Eotvos University] 25 June to 1 July
Sidney Redner    Boston University 26 June to 30 June
Federico Ricci-Tersenghi  [Universitá "La Sapienza"] 26 June to 30 June
Alberto Rosso  Université Paris-Sud 25 June to 1 July
Sanjib Sabhapandit Université Paris-Sud 25 June to 1 July
Gunter Schutz    [FZ-Juelich] 26 June to 30 June
David Sherrington  University of Oxford 26 June to 30 June
Alberto Sicilia  [Universite Paris VI] 25 June to 1 July
Richard Smith  University of Manchester 25 June to 30 June
Yurii Suhov University of Cambridge 26 June to 30 June
Julien Tailleur  PMMH-ESPCI 25 June to 1 July
Haim Taitelbaum  Bar-Ilan University 25 June to 29 June
Mikhail Tamm  [Universite Paris Sud] 25 June to 30 June
Shira Tordjman  Bar-Ilan University 25 June to 1 July
Yegor Tourleigh Moscow State University 26 June to 1 July
Jeremie Unterberger    [University Henri Poincare] 25 June to 1 July
Raphael Voituriez  Université Pierre et Marie Curie 25 June to 30 June
Stanislav Volkov University of Bristol 25 June to 1 July
Nicholas Watkins  British Antarctic Survey 26 June to 30 June
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