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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers.

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Authors Title Attachments
TA Suslina Homogenization of nonstationary Schrödinger type equations with periodic coefficients ni15047.pdf
A Pushnitski; D Yafaev Localization principle for compact Hankel operators ni15046.pdf
Y Karpeshina; Y-R Lee; R Shterenberg; G Stolz Ballistic transport for the Schrödinger operator with limit-periodic or quasi-periodic potential in dimension two ni15044.pdf
T Sunada Exponential Riemann sums and "near" -quasicrystals ni15043.pdf
J Griffin On the phase-space distribution of Bloch eigenmodes for periodic point scatterers ni15042.pdf
M Kha; P Kuchment; A Raich Green's function asymptotics near the internal edges of spectra of periodic elliptic operators: spectral gap interior. ni15041.pdf
J Marklof; B Tóth Invariance principle for the periodic Lorentz gas in the Boltzmann-Grad limit ni15040.pdf
C Sadel Anderson transition at 2 dimensional growth rate on antitrees and spectral theory for operators with one propagating channel ni15039.pdf
V Chulaevsky Complete exponential localization in a discrete multi-particle Anderson model with interaction of infinite range ni15037.pdf
I Kachkovskiy On transport properties of isotropic quasiperiodic $\it XY$ spin chains ni15036.pdf
B Helffer Lower bound for the number of critical points of minimal spectral $\it k$-partitions for $\it k$ large. ni15034.pdf
Y Almog; B Helffer; XB Pan Mixed normal-superconducting states in the presence of strong electric currents ni15033.pdf
B Helffer; Y Kordyukov; N Raymond; S Vũ Ngọc Magnetic wells in dimension three ni15032.pdf
H Abdul-Rahman; G Stolz A uniform area law for the entanglement of eigenstates in the disordered XY chain ni15031.pdf
S Jitomirskaya; I Kachkovskiy $\it L$$^2$-Reducibility and localization for quasiperiodic operators ni15030.pdf
S Zhang Mixed spectral types for one frequency discrete quasi-periodic Schrödinger operator ni15028.pdf
DM Elton Asymptotics for Erdős-Solojev zero modes in strong fields ni15026.pdf
V Chulaevsky Efficient localization bounds in a continuous N-particle Anderson model with long-range interaction ni15025.pdf
V Chulaevsky Exponential scaling limit of the single-particle Anderson model via adaptive feedback scaling ni15024.pdf
B Helffer; P Kerdelhué; J Royo-Letelier Chamber's forumla for the graphene and the Hou model with kagome periodicity and applications ni15022.pdf
J Fillman; Y Takahash; W Yessen Mixed spectral regimes for square Fibonacci Hamiltonians ni15021.pdf
B Helffer; A Kachmar From constant to non-degenerately vanishing magnetic fields in superconductivity ni15020.pdf
M Levitin; M Seri Accumulation of complex eigenvalues of an indefinite Sturm-Liouville operator with a shifted Coulomb potential ni15018.pdf
YV Fyodorov; BA Khoruzhenko; NJ Simm Fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index H=0 and the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble ni15015.pdf
M Lukic; DC Ong Generalized Prüfer variables for perturbations of Jacobi and CMV matrices ni15012.pdf
J Fillman; M Lukic Spectral honogeneity of limit-periodic Schrödinger operators ni15011.pdf
F Cellarosi; J Marklof Quadratic Weyl sums, automorphic functions, and invariance principles ni15010.pdf
J Marklof; A Strömbergsson Generalized linear Boltzmann equations for particle transport in polycrystals ni15009.pdf
P Yuditskii Killip-Simon problem and Jacobi flow on GSMP matrices ni15005.pdf
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