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Pattern Formation in Fluid Dynamics

12th December 2005 to 16th December 2005

Organiser: Edgar Knobloch (UC Berkeley), Paul Matthews (Nottingham) and Michael Proctor (Cambridge)

Supported by the Isaac Newton Institute and the ICIAM 99 Fund

Workshop Theme

Continuum mechanics, particularly the study of thermal convection, provided the first motivation for the study of pattern formation and, a century later, continues to provide a stream of new phenomena and open problems. Particular systems that have motivated the subject include Taylor-Couette flow, Faraday waves, and thermal convection and its many variants. Patterns with highly complex structure can be observed in such systems, including quasipatterns, superlattice patterns, spiral defect chaos and patterns interacting with large-scale flows. This workshop will focus on recent developments and challenges in the field, combining experimental, computational and theoretical results.

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