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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers.

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Authors Title Attachments
M Spencer; A Sangaralingam A phylogenetic mixture model for gene family loss parasitic bacteria ni09039.pdf
ES Allman; C Matias; JA Rhodes Identifiability of latent class models with many observed variables ni09013.pdf
AWM Dress; KT Huber; J Koolen; V Moulton Block realizations of finite metrics and the tight-span construction I: the embedding theorem ni07099.pdf
BR Holland; S Benthin; PJ Lockhart; V Moulton; KT Huber Using supernetworks to distinguish hybridization from lineage-sorting ni07092.pdf
L Freyhult; A Rej; M Staudacher A generalized scaling function for AdS/CFT ni07091.pdf
BQ Minh; S Klaere; A von Haeseler Phylogenetic diversity on split networks ni07090.pdf
M Bordewich; AG Rodrigo; C Semple Selecting taxa to save or sequence: desirable criteria and a greedy solution ni07087.pdf
SJ Willson Robustness of topological supertree methods for reconciling dense incompatible data ni07086.pdf
M Bordewich; O Gascuel; KT Huber; V Moulton Consistency of topological moves based on the balanced minimum evolution principle of phylogenetic inference ni07081.pdf
J Byrka; KT Huber; S Kelk Worst-case optimal approximation algorithms for maximizing triplet consistency within phylogenetic newtorks ni07075.pdf
J Koolen; A Lesser; V Moulton Optimal realizations of generic 5-point metrics ni07070.pdf
M Bordewich; C Semple; A Spillner Optimizing phylogenetic diversity across two trees ni07068.pdf
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