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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
I Bomze; PJC Dickinson; G Still The structure of completely positive matrices according to their CP-rank and CP-plus-rank PDF icon ni14088.pdf
JA De Loera; R Hemmecke; J Lee Augmentation algorithms for linear and integer linear programming PDF icon ni14060.pdf
IM Bomze; W Schachinger; R Ullrich New lower bounds and asymptotics for the cp-rank PDF icon ni14048.pdf
PA Amaral; IM Bomze Copositivity-based approximations for mixed-integra fractional quadratic optimization PDF icon ni14043.pdf
IM Bomze; W Schachinger; R Ullrich From seven to eleven: completely positive matrices with high CP-rank PDF icon ni14007.pdf
F Djeumou Fomeni; K Kaparis; AN Letchford Cutting planes for RLT relaxations of mixed 0-1 polynomial programs PDF icon ni14004.pdf
J Gouveia; PA Parrilo; RR Thomas Approximate cone factorizations and lifts of polytopes PDF icon ni13069.pdf
M Fampa; J Lee; W Melo On global optimization with indefinite quadratics PDF icon ni13066.pdf
IM Bomze Copositive relaxation beats Lagrangian dual bounds in quadratically and linearly constrained QPs PDF icon ni13064.pdf
IM Bomze; ML Overton Narrowing the difficulty gap for the Celis-Dennis-Tapia problem PDF icon ni13063.pdf
J Fiala; M Kocvara; M Stingl PENLAB: A MATLAB solver for nonlinear semidefinite optimization PDF icon ni13056.pdf
JA De Loera; J Lee; S Margulies; J Miller Weak orientability of matroids and polynomial equations PDF icon ni13047.pdf
IM Bomze Copositivity for second-order optimality conditions in general smooth optimization problems PDF icon ni13033.pdf
M Kocvara On robustness criteria and robust topology optimization with uncertain loads PDF icon ni13026.pdf
JB Lasserre Tractable approximations of sets defined with quantifiers PDF icon ni13019.pdf
Cordian Riener; Markus Schweighofer Optimization approaches to quadrature: new characterizations of Gaussian quadrature on the line and quadrature with few nodes on plane algebraic curves, on the plane and in higher dimensions PDF icon ni13070.pdf
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