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Participants (QCE)

E.g., 2015-08-28
E.g., 2015-08-28
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Nina Hadis Amini    Stanford University 28 July to 9 August
Christian Arenz  Aberystwyth University 21 July to 27 July;
3 August to 15 August
Almut Beige    University of Leeds 21 July to 4 August
Alexander Belton    Lancaster University 30 July to 8 August
Tony Bloch  University of Michigan 21 July to 30 July
Sougato Bose  University College London 21 July to 15 August
Joseph Bowen  Aberystwyth University 3 August to 9 August
Daniel Burgarth  Aberystwyth University 21 July to 15 August
Alberto Carlini  Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale 30 July to 3 August
Anita Dabrowska  Uniwersytet Mikolaja Kopernika 21 July to 15 August
Ben Dive  Imperial College London 21 July to 15 August
Andrew Doherty  University of Sydney 21 July to 1 August
Martin Fraas  ETH Zürich 21 July to 15 August
Akira Furusawa    University of Tokyo 21 July to 15 August
Marco G Genoni  University College London 21 July to 8 August
Tryphon Georgiou  University of Minnesota 27 July to 15 August
Eran Ginossar    University of Surrey 21 July to 15 August
Rolf Gohm    Aberystwyth University 21 July to 1 August
John Gough  [Aberystwyth], Aberystwyth University 21 July to 15 August
Madalin Guta    [Nottingham], University of Nottingham 21 July to 15 August
Robin Hudson  Loughborough University 21 July to 14 August
Matt James  [Canberra], Australian National University 21 July to 15 August
Liang Jiang  Yale University 21 July to 8 August
Joseph Kerckhoff  University of Colorado 27 July to 10 August
Pieter Kok    University of Sheffield 21 July to 15 August
Robert Kosut  SC Solutions 3 August to 15 August
Koji Maruyama  Osaka City University 9 August to 15 August
Gerard Milburn    University of Queensland 21 July to 15 August
Mazyar Mirrahimi  INRIA Paris - Rocquencourt 28 July to 8 August
Jiannis Pachos    University of Leeds 21 July to 4 August
Ian Petersen    University of New South Wales 27 July to 9 August
Jason Ralph    University of Liverpool 21 July to 15 August
Tudor Ratiu  EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne 21 July to 15 August
David Reeb    Technische Universität München 3 August to 15 August
Pierre Rouchon    Mines Paris Tech 21 July to 1 August
Ksenia Samburskaya    St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University 21 July to 15 August
Sophie Schirmer  Swansea University 27 July to 15 August
Alessio Serafini  University College London 21 July to 15 August
Oleg Smolyanov  Moscow State University 21 July to 15 August
Jake Taylor    National Institute of Standards and Technology 21 July to 15 August
Lorenza Viola Dartmouth College 3 August to 13 August
Ian Walmsley  [Oxford], University of Oxford 28 July to 30 July;
6 August to 8 August;
11 August to 13 August
Birgitta Whaley    University of California, Berkeley 21 July to 15 August
Howard Wiseman  Griffith University 2 August to 15 August
Michael Wolf    Technische Universität München 21 July to 15 August
Naoki Yamamoto  Keio University 27 July to 9 August
Haidong Yuan  Hong Kong Polytechnic University 27 July to 15 August
Guofeng Zhang    Hong Kong Polytechnic University 21 July to 15 August
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute The Leverhulme Trust London Mathematical Society Microsoft Research NM Rothschild and Sons