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Quantum Information Theory: Present Status and Future Directions


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23rd August 2004 to 27th August 2004

Organisers: Professor Serge Massar (Brussels), Professor Noah Linden (Bristol) and Professor Sandu Popescu (Bristol)

Conference Theme

This conference will take place during the Newton Institute Programme on Quantum Information Science. It will bring together physicists, computer scientists and mathematicians to discuss the current status of the field and present important recent developments. Despite substantial progress in the last few years, there are also very many open questions and fundamental issues to be understood; thus, particular emphasis will be put on reviewing the major challenges in the field.

Subjects covered by the conference will include, but are not restricted to, quantum algorithms and algorithmic techniques, quantum communication and quantum cryptography, quantum entanglement and non locality, fault tolerant quantum information processing and communication, quantum information processing and quantum operations under constraints (for instance imposed by the physical system in which they are realised).

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