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Speakers (QISW01)

Name Home Institution
A Acin [ICFO]
H Buhrman [CWI]
N Cerf [ULB]
N Gisin [Geneva]
J Kempe [Paris-Sud]
A Kent [Cambridge]
AS Kholevo [Steklov Maths Inst.]
P Knight [Imperial College]
R Laflamme [Perimeter Inst.]
JI Latorre [Barcelona]
N Linden [Bristol]
S Lloyd [MIT]
HK Lo [Toronto]
S Massar [ULB]
M Mosca [Waterloo]
J Oppenheim [Cambridge]
MB Plenio [Imperial College]
B Reznik [Tel-Aviv]
L Vaidman [Tel-Aviv]
V Vedral [Imperial College]
F Verstraete [MPI-Garching]
A Winter [Bristol]
W Wootters Williams College
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons