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Participants (QVD)

E.g., 2018-02-22
E.g., 2018-02-22
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Charles Adams  [University of Durhan] 7 August to 25 August
Carlo Barenghi  [University of Newcastle] 6 August to 25 August
Natalia Berloff [UCLA] 6 August to 25 August
Axel Brandenburg [Nordita & Newcastle] 13 August to 15 August
Russell Donnelly  University of Oregon 7 August to 25 August
Shaun Fisher  [University of Lancaster] 14 August to 16 August
Andrew Gilbert  University of Exeter 5 August to 26 August
Marvin Girardeau  University of Arizona 21 August to 26 August
Karen Louise Henderson  University of the West of England 8 August to 25 August
Darryl Holm Los Alamos National Laboratory 13 August to 26 August
Cristian Huepe  University of Chicago 13 August to 19 August
Olusola Idowu  [University of Newcastle] 14 August to 19 August
Demos Kivotides [University of Newcastle] 6 August to 26 August
Joel Koplik  City College of New York 11 August to 26 August
Matti Krusius [Helsinki University] 12 August to 19 August
Minoru Kubota  University of Tokyo 7 August to 25 August
John Leahy  University of Oregon 7 August to 25 August
Peter McClintock  [University of Lancaster] 13 August to 18 August
Dima Miroshnychenko Loughborough University 13 August to 19 August
Sergey Nazarenko University of Warwick 7 August to 25 August
Sergey Nemirovskii  [Inst. of Thermophysics] 7 August to 22 August
Joe Niemela University of Oregon 13 August to 26 August
Richard Packard [University of California at Berkeley] 6 August to 26 August
Len Pismen  [Technion] 20 August to 26 August
Lev Pitaevskii  [Trento] 6 August to 26 August
Yves Pomeau École Normale Supérieure 19 August to 24 August
Sergio Rica  [LPS, ENS] 13 August to 19 August
Renzo Ricca  [UCL] 7 August to 25 August
Paul Roberts  [UCLA] 6 August to 20 August
David Samuels [University of Newcastle] 7 August to 25 August
Willfried Schoepe Universität Regensburg 6 August to 19 August
Bhimsen Shivamoggi  University of Central Florida 13 August to 19 August
Ladislav Skrbek University of Oregon 14 August to 25 August
Dmitry Skryabin University of Strathclyde 16 August to 18 August
Edouard Sonin  [Hebrew University] 6 August to 26 August
Victor Steinberg  [Weizmann Institute] 13 August to 18 August
Sandro Stringari  University of Trento 9 August to 26 August
Boris Svistunov  [Kurchatov Institute] 6 August to 26 August
Patrick Jean Rene Tabeling École Normale Supérieure 13 August to 17 August
David Thouless  University of Washington 7 August to 25 August
Arkady Tsinober  Tel Aviv University 6 August to 22 August
Makoto Tsubota  Osaka City University 7 August to 24 August
Steven Van Sciver  University of Florida 13 August to 19 August
Eric Varoquaux Université Paris-Sud 6 August to 25 August
Joe Vinen  University of Birmingham 7 August to 25 August
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons