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Quantized Vortex Dynamics \& Superfluid Turbulence

14th August 2000 to 18th August 2000

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Quantized Vortex Dynamics and Superfluid Turbulence

7 August to 25 August 2000

Organisers: CF Barenghi (Newcastle), RJ Donnelly (Oregon), WF Vinen (Birmingham)

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

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14 - 18 August 2000

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Organisers: Professor CF Barenghi, Professor RJ Donnelly and Professor WF Vinen

The overall programme: The three weeks programme (7-25 August 2000) at the Newton Institute will deal with quantum effects that dominate the behaviour of liquid helium and other Bose-Einstein condensed systems. Particular attention will be dedicated to quantized vortices and turbulent helium flows. The aim of the programme is also to bring together physicists and mathematicians with backgrounds ranging from quantum fluids to classical fluids and magnetohydrodynamics to study the observed similarities between classical and quantum turbulence.

The workshop: The workshop will take place during the second week (14-18 August) of the programme. There will be eight sessions:

1. Vortex fundamentals.
2. Vortex dynamics.
3. Superfluid turbulence I: experiments.
4. Superfluid turbulence II: theory.
5. Nonlinear Schroedinger equation as a model of superfluidity.
6. Other superfluid systems: Bose- Einstein condensation in alkali metal vapours and He3.
7. Vortex reconnections in classical, magnetohydrodynamics and quantum fluids.
8. Superfluid turbulence III: applications.

Participants: C Adams, CF Barenghi, N Berloff, ME Brachet, RJ Donnelly, A Gilbert, M Girardeau, M Gunn, KL Henderson, B Kerr, D Kivotides, J Koplik, M Krusius, J Lehay, PVE McClintock, S Nazarenko, S Nemirowskii, C Nore, RE Packard, L Pitaevskii, Y Pomeau, R Ricca, PH Roberts, DC Samuels, W Schoepe, SW VanSciver, M Smith, E Sonin, S Stringari, B Svistunov, P Tabeling, DJ Thouless, A Tsinober, M Tsubota, E Varoquaux, WF Vinen, C Wexler.

Location: The workshop will take place at the Newton Institute.

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