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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
S-D Friedman Safe recursive set functions PDF icon ni12082.pdf
RG Downey Resolute sequences in initial segment complexity PDF icon ni12072.pdf
R Hölzl Analogues of Chaitin's omega in the computably enumerable sets PDF icon ni12070.pdf
PA Heiber Normality and differentiability PDF icon ni12067.pdf
PA Heiber Normal numbers and finite automata PDF icon ni12065.pdf
TA Slaman A note on initial segments of the enumeration degrees PDF icon ni12063.pdf
R Glaschick A size index for multitape Turing Machines PDF icon ni12061.pdf
V Rödl The complexity of proving that a graph is Ramsey PDF icon ni13005.pdf
G Leibman Structural connections between a forcing class and its modal logic PDF icon ni12055.pdf
J Conder; K Svozil Kochen-Specker theorem revisited and strong incomputability of quantum randomness PDF icon ni12053.pdf
R Bod Objectivity and reproducibility of proppian narrative annotations PDF icon ni12048.pdf
EJ Spoors A hierarchy of ramified theories below PRA PDF icon ni12046.pdf
F Fomin; D Marx A basic parameterized complexity primer PDF icon ni12041.pdf
RG Downey; PE Schupp Asymptotic density and computably enumerable sets PDF icon ni12039.pdf
C Martin-Vide A parameterized complexity tutorial PDF icon ni12038.pdf
Y Sangu Generalized geometric theories and set-generated classes PDF icon ni12032.pdf
RR Lutz; JH Lutz; JI Lathrop; TH Klinge Requirements analysis for a product family of DNA Nanodevices PDF icon ni12030.pdf
JH Lutz Dimension spectra of random subfractals of self-similar fractals PDF icon ni12027.pdf
JH Lutz; MJ Patitz The tile assembly model is intrinsically universal PDF icon ni12022.pdf
A Taveneaux How much randomness is needed for statistics? PDF icon ni12021.pdf
U Andrews; L San Mauro Universal computably enumerable equivalence relations PDF icon ni12020.pdf
D Kühlwein Premise selection for mathematics by corpus analysis and Kernel methods PDF icon ni12018.pdf
C Bylinski New developments in parsing Mizar PDF icon ni12011.pdf
L Mamame Dependencies in formal mathematics: applications and extraction for Coq and Mizar PDF icon ni12010.pdf
Andrew Brooke-Taylor; Benedikt Löwe; Birgit Richter Inhabitants of interesting subsets of the Bousfield lattice PDF icon ni11067.pdf
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