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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers.

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Authors Title Attachments
B Löwe; S Tarafder Generalized algebra-valued models of set theory PDF icon ni14091.pdf
M Garlík Ajtai's completeness theorem for nonstandard finite structures PDF icon ni13012.pdf
AG Melnikov; A Nies The classification problem for compact computable metric spaces PDF icon ni13004.pdf
Y Matiyasevich New conjectures about zeroes of Riemann's zeta function PDF icon ni12088.pdf
A Beckmann; SR Buss; S-D Friedman Safe recursive set functions PDF icon ni12082.pdf
A Beckmann; SR Buss Improved witnessing and local improvement principles for second-order bounded arithmetic PDF icon ni12081.pdf
G Barmpalias Algorithmic randomness and measures of complexity PDF icon ni12073.pdf
G Barmpalias; RG Downey Resolute sequences in initial segment complexity PDF icon ni12072.pdf
G Barmpalias; A Li Kolmogorov complexity and computably enumerable sets PDF icon ni12071.pdf
G Barmpalias; R Hölzl; AEM Lewis; W Merkle Analogues of Chaitin's omega in the computably enumerable sets PDF icon ni12070.pdf
RA Shore The Turing degrees below generics and randoms PDF icon ni12069.pdf
V Becher Turing's normal numbers: towards randomness PDF icon ni12068.pdf
V Becher; PA Heiber Normality and differentiability PDF icon ni12067.pdf
V Becher; S Grigorieff Borel and Hausdorff hierarchies in topological spaces of Choquet games and their effectivization PDF icon ni12066.pdf
V Becher; PA Heiber Normal numbers and finite automata PDF icon ni12065.pdf
V Becher; S Grigorieff Wadge hardness in Scott spaces and its effectivization PDF icon ni12064.pdf
TA Slaman; A Sorbi A note on initial segments of the enumeration degrees PDF icon ni12063.pdf
R Glaschick A size index for multitape Turing Machines PDF icon ni12061.pdf
E Mayordomo Effective dimension in some general metric spaces PDF icon ni12060.pdf
JD Hamkins; B Löwe Moving up and down in the generic multiverse PDF icon ni12059.pdf
M Lauria; P Pudlák; V Rödl; N Thapen The complexity of proving that a graph is Ramsey PDF icon ni13005.pdf
JD Hamkins Every countable model of set theory embeds into its own constructible universe PDF icon ni12056.pdf
JD Hamkins; G Leibman; B Löwe Structural connections between a forcing class and its modal logic PDF icon ni12055.pdf
AA Abbott; CS Calude; J Conder; K Svozil Kochen-Specker theorem revisited and strong incomputability of quantum randomness PDF icon ni12053.pdf
JM Hitchcock; E Mayordomo Base invariance of feasible dimension PDF icon ni12052.pdf
PD Welch Global reflection principles PDF icon ni12051.pdf
PD Welch $\it G \delta\sigma$-games PDF icon ni12050.pdf
B Fisseni; B Löwe Which dimensions of narratives are relevent for human judgments of story equivalence? PDF icon ni12049.pdf
R Bod; B Fisseni; A Kurji; B Löwe Objectivity and reproducibility of proppian narrative annotations PDF icon ni12048.pdf
R Downey; KM Ng Lowness for bounded randomness PDF icon ni12047.pdf
EJ Spoors; SS Wainer A hierarchy of ramified theories below PRA PDF icon ni12046.pdf
R Downey; KM Ng; R Solomon On minimal wtt-degrees and computably enumerable Turing degrees PDF icon ni12044.pdf
R Downey; A Kach; S Lempp; D Turetsky Computable categoricity versus relative computable categoricity PDF icon ni12043.pdf
G Barmpalias; R Downey Exact pairs for the ideal of the $\it K$-trivial sequences in the turing degrees PDF icon ni12042.pdf
R Downey; H Bodlaender; F Fomin; D Marx A basic parameterized complexity primer PDF icon ni12041.pdf
R Downey The birth and early years of parameterized complexity PDF icon ni12040.pdf
RG Downey; CG Jockusch Jr.; PE Schupp Asymptotic density and computably enumerable sets PDF icon ni12039.pdf
R Downey; A Dediu; C Martin-Vide A parameterized complexity tutorial PDF icon ni12038.pdf
R Downey Randomness, computation and mathematics PDF icon ni12037.pdf
V Brattka; S Le Roux; A Pauly Connected choice and the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem PDF icon ni12036.pdf
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