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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
J Avigad; V Brattka Computability and analysis: the legacy of Alan Turing PDF icon ni12035.pdf
P Aczel Rudimentary and arithmetical constructive set theory PDF icon ni12033.pdf
P Aczel; H Ishihara; T Nemoto; Y Sangu Generalized geometric theories and set-generated classes PDF icon ni12032.pdf
P Aczel Some open (?) problems concerning dependent type theories PDF icon ni12031.pdf
RR Lutz; JH Lutz; JI Lathrop; TH Klinge; D Mathur; et al Requirements analysis for a product family of DNA Nanodevices PDF icon ni12030.pdf
X Gu; JH Lutz; E Mayordomo; P Moser Dimension spectra of random subfractals of self-similar fractals PDF icon ni12027.pdf
G Primiero Intuitionistic logic of proofs with dependant proof terms PDF icon ni12026.pdf
J Alama Escape to Mizar from ATPs PDF icon ni12025.pdf
D Doty; JH Lutz; MJ Patitz; RT Schweller; SM Summers; et al The tile assembly model is intrinsically universal PDF icon ni12022.pdf
B Kjos-Hassen; A Taveneaux; N Thapen How much randomness is needed for statistics? PDF icon ni12021.pdf
U Andrews; S Lempp; JS Miller; Keng Meng Ng; L San Mauro; et al Universal computably enumerable equivalence relations PDF icon ni12020.pdf
J Alama; R Kahle Checking proofs PDF icon ni12019.pdf
J Alama; T Heskes; D Kühlwein; E Tsivtsivadze; J Urban Premise selection for mathematics by corpus analysis and Kernel methods PDF icon ni12018.pdf
J Alama Tipi: A TPTP-based theory development environment emphasizing proof dependencies PDF icon ni12017.pdf
C Bylinski; J Alama New developments in parsing Mizar PDF icon ni12011.pdf
J Alama; L Mamame; J Urban Dependencies in formal mathematics: applications and extraction for Coq and Mizar PDF icon ni12010.pdf
Andrew Brooke-Taylor; Benedikt Löwe; Birgit Richter Inhabitants of interesting subsets of the Bousfield lattice PDF icon ni11067.pdf
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