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Participants (SASW05)

Note: This list may not include "Semantics and Syntax: A Legacy of Alan Turing" programme participants whose visits coincide with the workshop.

E.g., 2018-02-25
E.g., 2018-02-25
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
George Barmpalias  Chinese Academy of Sciences 9 January
Arnold Beckmann    Swansea University 9 January
Luca Cardelli  Microsoft Research 9 January
Omar Choudary  University of Cambridge 31 January to 2 February
Barry Cooper    University of Leeds 9 January
Anuj Dawar    University of Cambridge 9 January
Robert Henderson  University of East Anglia 9 January
Mark Hogarth    University of Cambridge 9 January
Bjarki Holm    University of Cambridge 9 January
Martin Hyland  University of Cambridge 9 January
Tanmay Inamdar  Universiteit van Amsterdam 9 January
Carlos León  Universität Hamburg 9 January
Angsheng Li  Chinese Academy of Sciences 9 January
Zhenhao Li  Universiteit van Amsterdam 9 January
Benedikt Lowe    [University of Amsterdam]; Universiteit van Amsterdam 9 January
Ian Mackie  Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'Ecole Polytechnique 9 January
Ken Moody University of Cambridge 9 January
Anthony Morphett    Australian Catholic University 9 January
Grant Passmore    University of Cambridge 9 January
Michael Rathjen    University of Leeds 9 January
Søren Riis    Queen Mary, University of London 9 January
Peter Schuster    University of Leeds 9 January
Anton Setzer    Swansea University 9 January
Nigel Smart    University of Bristol 9 January
Fenner Tanswell  Universiteit van Amsterdam 9 January
Neil Thapen    Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic 9 January
Jouko Väänänen    University of Helsinki and University of Amsterdam 9 January
Linda Westrick  University of California, Berkeley 9 January
David Wilson  University of Bath 9 January
Glynn Winskel    University of Cambridge 9 January
W Hugh Woodin  University of California, Berkeley 9 January
Shaoshi Yang  University of Southampton 9 January
Shengyang Zhong  Universiteit van Amsterdam 9 January
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