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Recent Advances in Statistical Genetics and Bioinformatics

11th December 2006 to 15th December 2006

Organisers: Wally Gilks (Leeds) and Simon Tavaré (USC/Cambridge)

Workshop Theme

The workshop will focus on topics from bioinformatics and statistical genetics. Bioinformatics has grown up around the rapidly expanding databases of DNA sequence, molecular structure and interaction. Understanding the evolutionary and functional relationships between these biomolecules is perhaps the greatest challenge of 21st century science. Advanced statistical methods are becoming increasingly important in this endeavour. The arrival of dense genotyping arrays has provided huge amounts of SNP data which are being used in efforts to map genes associated with complex traits. Statistical methods for designing and analyzing such whole genome scans are beginning to appear, but many open problems remain. The use of SNP data to estimate recombination rates across the genome, to detect evidence of selective sweeps and to infer demographic history has also provided some statistical challenges that will be addressed in the workshop.

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