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New Theoretical Approaches to Strongly Correlated Systems

10th April 2000 to 20th April 2000

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

January to July 2000

Organisers: DM Edwards (Imperial), AC Hewson (Imperial), PB Littlewood (Cambridge), A Tsvelik (Oxford)

A NATO Advanced Study Institute/EC Summer School


Organisers: A Tsvelik; A Zawadowski; T Giamarchi; H Saleur

10 - 20 April 2000


The purpose of the ASI is to bring together researchers of different profiles; mathematical physicists on one hand and people working closer to experiment on the other. Problems in physics of strongly correlated systems are very mathematically challenging and therefore require sophisticated methods to solve them. On the other hand, to formulate them properly one needs a detailed knowledge of real systems and thus we need people with their feet firmly standing on the ground of experiment.

Speakers (already confirmed): I Affleck, J Cardy, V Emery, F Essler, P Fendley, A Georges, T Giamarchi, FDM Haldane, I Kogan, G Kotliar, C Nayak, A Nersesyan, M Oshikawa, S Sachdev, H Saleur, F Smirnov.

Location and Costs: The conference will take place at the Newton Institute and accommodation for participants will be provided at Wolfson Court, adjacent to the Institute. The conference package costs £495, which includes registration fee, accommodation, breakfast and dinner from dinner on Sunday 9 April until after breakfast on Thursday 20 April, and lunches and refreshments on the days that lectures take place. Limited financial support will be available to young researchers from EC Member States and Associated States1 and researchers from NATO2 and Partner3 countries. The conference will be restricted to about 80 participants.

Applications: Completed application forms should be sent to Maureen Clark at the Newton Institute. Closing date for the receipt of applications is 30 November 1999.

1EC Member States: Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Italy; Luxembourg; The Netherlands; Portugal; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom.

Associated States: Iceland; Israel; Liechtenstein; Norway; Switzerland.

2NATO Countries: Belgium; Canada; Czech Republic; Denmark; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Italy; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Spain; Turkey; United Kingdom; United States.

3 Partner Countries: Albania; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Belarus; Bulgaria; Estonia; Georgia; Kazakhstan; Kyrghyz Republic; Latvia; Lithuania; Moldova; Romania; Russian Federation; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Tajikstan; the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia*; Turkmenistan; Ukraine; Uzbekistan.

* Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

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