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Stochastic Networks


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22nd March 2010 to 26th March 2010

Organisers: Takis Konstantopoulos (Heriot-Watt) and Kavita Ramanan (Brown University).

Workshop Programme Committee: Vivek Borkar (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research), Serguei Foss (Heriot-Watt University), Peter Glynn (Stanford), Bruce Hajek (University of Illinois), Frank Kelly (Cambridge), P.R. Kumar (University of Illinois), Tom Kurtz (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Jean Mairesse (LIAFA), Philippe Robert (INRIA), John Tsitsiklis (MIT) and Ruth Williams (University of California, San Diego)

Workshop Theme

Stochastic networks is a multifaceted area of research dealing with the stability, control, performance, approximation and design of stochastic models of networks. It gives rise to challenging and subtle mathematical problems, whose solution often requires a combination of ideas and techniques from several branches of mathematics, including probability theory, stochastic processes, analysis, optimization, combinatorics and graph theory. Research in this area is strongly motivated by applications in diverse areas, ranging from the traditional areas of telecommunications and manufacturing to service operations, biological and social networks and revenue management. The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts in this area to survey recent developments and identify future research directions. The workshop has been structured so as to maximize interactions between speakers and participants and to facilitate a fruitful exchange of ideas. This week-long international workshop continues a tradition that was started in 1987 and that has now become a bi-annual event.

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