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Multiscale methods for stochastic dynamical systems in biology

29th February 2016 to 4th March 2016
ICMS, Edinburgh
Radek Erban
David Holcman
Samuel Isaacson
Konstantinos Zygalakis


Main Workshop Website (hosted by ICMS):


The programme will feature three workshops at the Isaac Newton Institute (INI), as well as this Satellite Meeting organised at the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS) in Edinburgh. The first workshop will take place in January in Cambridge and coincides with the beginning of the programme. Its main aims are to establish a common language between the programme participants and highlight major open problems relating to the themes of the other workshops.

The Satellite Workshop at ICMS is organised as the second workshop of the programme. It is jointly funded by the programme and the ICMS.

Three main objectives of the Satellite Meeting are:

  1. to increase participation of researchers from the north of the UK in the INI programme;
  2. to introduce both main themes of the INI programme (spatial and non-spatial models);
  3. to discuss the most recent advances in multiscale modelling.

The speakers of this Satellite Workshop will deal with issues relating to multiple temporal and spatial scales. In particular, this workshop will cover the two main themes of the INI programme and will be both a dedicated research workshop, and an introduction to the INI programme. The participants of the workshop will be encouraged to contribute to the programme by working on research topics investigated by Cambridge-based research participants, and by attending the third and fourth workshops organized in Cambridge in April and June, 2016. These two follow up workshops will be dedicated to each of the two main themes of the INI programme (spatial and non-spatial modelling).

Fellowships are available to partially cover travel costs for some junior US participants thanks to a grant from the NSF. Further Information.

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