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Participants (SFM)

E.g., 2014-10-30
E.g., 2014-10-30
Name Home Institution Visit Dates
Mitsuhiro Arikawa [MPI, Dresden] 16 April to 21 April
Susumu Ariki [Tokyo University] 7 January to 13 January;
1 April to 7 April
Hidetoshi Awata  [contact person by email] Nagoya University 15 April to 21 April
Olga Maria Azenhas  [contact person by email] [University of Coimbra] 7 January to 12 January
Christine Bessenrodt [Universitat Magdeburg] 7 January to 13 January;
2 April to 6 June;
24 June to 7 July
Roger Bryant  [contact person by email] [UMIST] 7 January to 13 January
Yurii Burman  [contact person by email] Independent University of Moscow 25 June to 6 July
Roger Carter [Warwick University] 8 January to 12 January;
25 June to 6 July
Oleg Chalykh Loughborough University 8 January to 13 January;
5 March to 18 March;
16 April to 21 April
Anton Cox  [contact person by email] [City University] 7 January to 27 January
Graham Denham University of Oregon 24 June to 7 July
Gerard Duchamp Université de Rouen 16 April to 21 April
Charles Dunkl  [contact person by email] University of Virginia 15 March to 30 June
Dafydd Evans Cardiff University 16 April to 21 April
Dai Evans Cardiff University 14 May to 16 May
Jacques Faraut  [contact person by email] [Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie] 16 April to 21 April
Mikhail Feigin Loughborough University 7 January to 13 January
Susanna Fishel Mental Images 24 June to 7 July
Sergey Fomin University of Michigan 1 April to 7 July
Peter Forrester  [contact person by email] University of Melbourne 14 April to 6 May
Jason Fulman Stanford University 24 June to 7 July
Alexander Gamburd [Mathematical Science Research Institute] 24 June to 7 July
Adriano Garsia  [contact person by email] University of California 6 January to 13 January
Richard Green Lancaster University 7 January to 13 January;
26 March to 6 April
Ian Grojnowski  [contact person by email] [DPMMS] 8 January to 6 July
Mark Haiman [UC, San Diego] 5 April to 9 July
Phil Hanlon  [contact person by email] University of Michigan 7 January to 13 January;
20 March to 26 March;
22 April to 28 April;
20 May to 24 May;
1 July to 7 July
Koji Hasegawa  [contact person by email] [Tohoku Unversity] 15 April to 21 April
Gerrit Heckman  [contact person by email] [Nijmegen] 16 April to 12 May
Florent Hivert  [contact person by email] 20 May to 26 May
Iouri Iakoubovitch  [contact person by email] [Steklov Institute] 24 June to 7 July
Naihuan Jing  [contact person by email] North Carolina State University 16 April to 21 April
Yasushi Kajihara Kobe University 16 April to 21 April
Sungsoon Kim  [contact person by email] [Inst. de Mathematique de Jussieu] 10 May
Ron King  [contact person by email] [Southampton University] 7 January to 12 January;
16 April to 20 April
Anatol Kirillov  [contact person by email] Nagoya University 16 April to 27 April
Michael Kleber  [contact person by email] [MIT] 27 June to 4 July
Anatoli Klimyk 2 June to 7 July
Tom Koornwinder Universiteit van Amsterdam 1 April to 31 May
Daniel Krob [University Paris 7] 17 April to 20 April
Shrawan Kumar  [contact person by email] University of North Carolina 8 January to 8 July
Vadim Kuznetsov  [contact person by email] University of Leeds 19 February to 23 February;
16 April to 19 April;
7 January to 12 January
Alain Lascoux  [contact person by email] 2 April to 25 May
Bernard Leclerc  [contact person by email] [Université de Caen] 16 April to 22 April;
1 May to 6 July
Jean-Louis Loday  [contact person by email] Université Louis Pasteur 2 April to 26 April
Sergei Loktev  [contact person by email] Independent University of Moscow 24 June to 7 July
Ian Macdonald [QMW, University of London] 7 January to 7 July
Ezra Miller Massachusetts Institute of Technology 25 June to 6 July
Katsuhisa Mimachi  [contact person by email] Tokyo Institute of Technology 16 April to 21 April
Tetsuji Miwa  [contact person by email] Kyoto University 17 April to 21 April
Alun Morris  [contact person by email] [Wales] 5 January to 7 July
Jennifer Morse University of Pennsylvania 7 January to 19 January
Eugene Murphy 29 March
Tatsuhiro Nakajima Meikai University 17 April to 7 July
Maxim Nazarov University of York 16 April to 19 May
Kendra Nelsen [University of Wisconsin] 2 June to 5 June
Masatoshi Noumi  [contact person by email] Kobe University 4 April to 24 April;
25 June to 6 July
Satoru Odake  [contact person by email] Shinshu University 16 April to 21 April
Mikhail Olshanetsky [ITEP Moscow] 26 March to 21 April
Jorn Olsson  [contact person by email] [Kopenhagen] 1 February to 28 February;
24 May to 3 June
Uri Onn [Technion] 3 April to 26 April
Eric Opdam [University of Amsterdam] 7 January to 14 January;
17 April to 22 May;
28 May to 31 May
G Papadopaulo Universität Basel 25 June to 6 July
Alison Parker [QMW] 7 January to 13 January
Sarah Perkins [UMIST] 7 January to 27 January
Eric Ragoucy  [contact person by email] Université de Savoie 16 April to 21 April
Eric Rains [AT&T] 16 April to 21 April
Arun Ram  [contact person by email] [University of Wisconsin] 6 January to 6 July
Jacqui Ramagge [University of Newcastle] 2 June to 5 June
Konstanze Rietsch University of Cambridge 1 March to 6 July
Margit Roesler [Universitaet Goettingen] 28 February to 31 March
Mercedes Rosas  [contact person by email] [Universidad Sirnón Bolivar] 4 January to 10 April
Peter Rowley  [contact person by email] [UMIST] 7 January to 13 January
Simon Ruijsenaars [CWI] 15 April to 22 April
Dmitriy Rumynin  [contact person by email] University of Warwick 7 January to 12 January
Steen Ryom-Hansen [Universitaet Freiburg] 16 April to 21 April
Bruce Sagan  [contact person by email] Michigan State University 7 January to 13 January;
16 February to 30 March
Sid Sahi  [contact person by email] Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey 1 May to 7 July
Ana Santana  [contact person by email] 7 January to 12 January
Anne Schilling [MIT] 8 January to 27 January
Alexander Sergeev [Balakovo, Russia] 6 May to 6 July
Michael Shapiro  [contact person by email] [Royal Institute of Technology] 24 June to 7 July
Jian-yi Shi  [contact person by email] East China Normal University 1 June to 16 June
Junishi Shiraishi  [contact person by email] University of Tokyo 16 April to 21 April
Mark Skandera University of Michigan 24 June to 7 July
Evgueni Sklyanin  [contact person by email] [Steklov Mathematical Institite] 8 January to 3 March
Frank Sottile University of Massachusetts 24 June to 7 July
Bhama Srinivasan  [contact person by email] University of Illinois 31 May to 21 June
Richard Stanley  [contact person by email] [MIT] 23 April to 9 May;
24 June to 7 July
John Stembridge  [contact person by email] University of Michigan 8 January to 30 April
Brian Stewart [Exeter College] 8 January to 12 January
Jasper Stokman [University of Amsterdam] 16 April to 21 April
Vitaly Tarasov  [contact person by email] [Steklov Mathematical Institute] 8 April to 24 April
Constantin Teleman  [contact person by email] University of Cambridge 1 February to 6 July
Jean-Yves Thibon  [contact person by email] [IGM-Univ. Marne-la-Vallee] 1 April to 7 July
Jesper Funch Thomsen  [contact person by email] Aarhus Universitet 22 May to 29 May
Burt Totaro  [contact person by email] University of Cambridge 8 January to 6 July
Ernesto Vallejo  [contact person by email] [UNAM] 30 January to 2 May
Jan Felipe Van Diejen  [contact person by email] Universidad de Talca 7 January to 5 February;
16 April to 21 April
Anatoly Vershik  [contact person by email] [St Petersburg] 15 June to 3 July
Michael Paul Voit Universität Tübingen 14 March to 22 March
Michelle Wachs  [contact person by email] University of Miami 10 May to 7 July
Grant Walker  [contact person by email] University of Manchester 7 January to 13 January
Chris Wensley  [contact person by email] [University of Wales Bangor] 7 January to 27 January
Adrian Williams  [contact person by email] [Imperial College] 7 January to 13 January
Graham Williams  [contact person by email] University of Reading 7 January to 13 January
Takashi Yamamoto  [contact person by email] [MPI, Dresden] 16 April to 21 April
Andrei Zelevinsky  [contact person by email] Northeastern University 1 April to 28 April;
24 June to 7 July
Genkai Zhang  [contact person by email] [Chalmers University] 10 June to 23 June
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute The Leverhulme Trust London Mathematical Society Microsoft Research NM Rothschild and Sons