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The Heritage of I Schur's 1901 Dissertation

2nd June 2001 to 5th June 2001

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Symmetric Functions and Macdonald Polynomials

8 Jan - 6 Jul 2001

Organisers: Professor P Hanlon (Michigan), Professor IG Macdonald (QMW), Professor AO Morris (Aberystwyth)

The Heritage of I Schur’s 1901 Dissertation

A Satellite Meeting to the INI programme on

Symmetric Functions and Macdonald Polynomials

Gregynog Hall, Newtown, Powys

Saturday 2nd June – Tuesday 5th June 2001



Organisers: AO Morris (Aberystwyth), C Bessenrodt (Magdeburg), S Donkin (Queen Mary and Westfield), GD James (Imperial), A Kerber (Bayreuth), JB Olsson (Copenhagen).

Theme:  The meeting will celebrate the centenary of I Schur’s 1901 Dissertation which has been so influential in the development of representation theory.  Also, it was in this work that Schur functions first appeared especially in their relationship to the representations of general linear groups and symmetric groups.  Macdonald polynomials are generalisations of Schur functions and their relevance to a broad area within mathematics and physics is becoming increasingly apparent.  An equally significant contribution has been made by JA(Sandy) Green, in particular in his influential Springer Lecture Notes where Schur’s work was presented in modern terminology.  This has led to even more contemporary developments in quantum groups and Hecke algebras. Thus, this meeting will simultaneously celebrate Sandy Green’s 75th Birthday and will mark his striking contribution to this subject. These celebrations will be held on Sunday 3rd June culminating in a Dinner.

Expected Speakers: C Bessenrodt (Magdeburg), A Cox (City), R Dipper (Stuttgart), K Erdmann (Oxford), RM Green (Lancaster), M Haiman (San Diego), A Henke (Kassel/ Weitzmann Institute), A Kleshchev (Oregon), GI Lehrer (Sydney), I.G. Macdonald (Queen Mary and Westfield), P. Pragacz (Warsaw), A. Ram (Wisconsin), B. Srinivasan (Chicago),   J-Y Shi (Shanghai), J-Y. Thibon (Marne-la-Vallee).

Participation and Costs: The total cost is £175.  The meeting is funded by generous grants from the London Mathematical Society and the Isaac Newton Institute.  Limited financial support may be available for participants from the UK, especially postgraduate students, and LMS Scheme 5 countries.  If you are interested in possible participation in this meeting, please complete the application form.  Completed application forms should be sent to Tracey Andrew, Programme and Conference Secretary, Isaac Newton Institute, 20 Clarkson Road, Cambridge, CB3 0EH.

Further Information: can be obtained by contacting Alun Morris or Tracey Andrew.

The deadline for applications is 31 March 2001.

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