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Workshops and Other Events

Code Title Dates
SFUW01 Structure Formation in the Universe Workshop 26th July 1999 to 6th August 1999
SFUW02 The Statistical Analysis of Cosmological Data Sets Workshop 8th August 1999 to 13th August 1999
SFUW03 Connecting Fundamental Physics and Cosmology Workshop 16th August 1999 to 20th August 1999
SFUW04 Connecting Fundamental Physics and Cosmology Workshop Workshop 22nd August 1999 to 27th August 1999
SFUW05 Spitalfields Day Workshop 13th October 1999
SFUW06 Futuristic Detectors for Cosmology Workshop 11th November 1999
SFUW07 Large-Scale Structures Workshop 24th November 1999
SFUW08 Key Tests for Cosmogenic Theories Workshop 6th December 1999 to 9th December 1999
University of Cambridge Research Councils UK
    Clay Mathematics Institute London Mathematical Society NM Rothschild and Sons