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The Statistical Analysis of Cosmological Data Sets

8th August 1999 to 13th August 1999

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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Structure Formation in the Universe

July - December 1999

Organisers: VA Rubakov (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow), PJ Steinhardt (Princeton), NG Turok (Cambridge)

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Workshop: The Statistical Analysis of Cosmological Data Sets

Provisional Programme: Last revised 09/08/99

Monday 9 August

Morning - Chair: A Albrecht


09.45-09.50 HK Moffatt (Director of the Newton Institute)

09.50-10.00 A Albrecht (UC Davis)
Introductory remarks

10.00-10.50 O Lahav (Cambridge)
Spectral classification of 2dF galaxies vs. models

10.50-11.10 Coffee

11.10-12.00 K Griest (UC San Diego)
Getting science out of large data sets: example of the MACHO project

12.00-12.50 F Sylos-Labini (Geneva)
Correlation, bias and fractals

12.50-14.30 Lunch

Afternoon - Chair: Rob Crittenden

14:30-14:55 M Montuori (Rome)
Recent finding from CfA2 and SSRS2

14.55-15.20 B Sathyaprakash (Cardiff)
Shapefinders: a tool to characterise the morphology of large-scale structure

15.20-15.40 Coffee

Tuesday 10 August

Morning - Chair: J Silk

09.00-09.50 A Dekel (Jerusalem)
Statistics of velocity fields and galaxy biasing

09.50-10.40 M Joyce (Rome)
Comments on recent evidence for homogeneity in galaxy surveys

10.40-11.10 Coffee

11.10-12.00 M Kerscher (Munich)
Cosmological applications of Minkowski functionals

12.00-12.50 R Juszkiewicz (Warsaw)
A Direct Estimator of Omega

12.50-14.30 Lunch

Afternoon - Chair: M Hobson

14.30-15.20 C Dodson (UMIST)
Information geometry for evolution of the void probability function

15.20-15.45 W Godlowski (Krakow)
Analysis of the distribution of angular momentum in galaxies

15.45-16.05 Coffee

16.05-16.30 C Beisbart (Munich)

Wednesday 11 August

Morning - Chair: J Maggueijo

09.00-09.50 50 B Nichol (Carnegie Mellon)
The sloan digital sky survey: navigating this multi-dimensional universe

Eclipse Party     
** An apparatus for viewing the eclipse on a screen will be set up at the Newton Institute **

Afternoon - Chair: M Joyce

14.00-14.50 S Shandarin (Kansas)
Morphological Statistics for CMB and LSS

14.50-15.15 L-Y Chiang (QMW)
Phase information and the evolution of density perturbations

15.15-15.40 Coffee

15.40-16.10 R Barreiro (Cantabria)
Non-Gaussian estimators

Thursday 12 August

Morning - Chair: J Barrow

09.00-09.50 D Spergel (Princeton)
Multi-frequency analysis of the MAP Data

09.50-10.40 A Heavens (Edinburgh)
Where and how to test the Gaussian hypothesis

10.40-11.10 Coffee

11.10-12.00 A Jaffe (UC Berkeley)
CMB data analysis in 1999 - why it's still hard

12.00-12.50 Laura Cayon (Cantabria)
Wavelet applications to the CMB

12.50-14.30 Lunch

Afternoon - Chair: A Jaffe

14.30-14.55 S Oh (Princeton)
A fast algorithm for determining the power spectrum of CMB temperature maps

14.55-15.20 J Diego (Cantabria)
Fractals applied to CMB analysis

15.20-15.40 Coffee

15.40-15.45 H El-Ad (Harvard)
Bigger, deeper, everywhere: cosmological voids and their detection

Workshop reception

Friday 13 August

Chair: A Albrecht

09.00-09.50 M Hobson (Cambridge)
Maximum-entropy reconstruction of gravitational lenses

09.50-10.40 W Saslaw (Cambridge)
Cosmic many body clustering and the galaxy distribution

10.40-11.10 Coffee

11.10 Panel Discussion:

    K. Griest
    A. Heavens
    O. Lahav
    E. Martinez-Gonzales
    D. Spergel

12.50-14.30 Lunch

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