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This page lists the preprints associated with this programme only.
A full list is also available, with details of how to submit relevant papers and how to acknowledge INI.

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Authors Title Attachments
M Tibar Topology of Lefschetz in complex and symplectic geometry PDF icon ni01029.pdf
M Tibar Singularities and topology of meromorphic functions PDF icon ni01027.pdf
V Vassiliev Combinatorial computation of combinatorial formulas for knot invariants PDF icon ni01018.pdf
M Tibar Connectivity via nongeneric pencils PDF icon ni01016.pdf
S Janeczko; M Mikosz Generic Geometry of Symplectic Relations PDF icon ni01001.pdf
M Zhitomirskii Germs of integral curves in contact 3-space, plane and space curves PDF icon ni00043.pdf
VA Vassiliev Resolutions of discriminants and topology of their components PDF icon ni00041.pdf
VA Vassiliev Homology of spaces of knots in any dimensions PDF icon ni00040.pdf
M Kazarian Classifying spaces of singularities and Thom polynomials PDF icon ni00039.pdf
S Anisov Upper bounds for the complexity of some 3-dimensional manifolds PDF icon ni00037.pdf
V Gritsenko; V Nikulin A lecture about classification of Lorentzian Kac-Moody algebras of the rank three PDF icon ni00036.pdf
AB Merkov Vassiliev invariants classify plane curves and doodles PDF icon ni00034.pdf
VA Vassiliev On combinatorial formulas for cohomology of spaces of knots PDF icon ni00032.pdf
S Izumiya; D Pei; T Sano Singularities of hyperbolic Gauss maps PDF icon ni00031.pdf
M Kazarian Thom polynomials for Lagrange, Legendre and critical point singularities PDF icon ni00029.pdf
M Kazarian On Lagrange and symmetric degeneracy loci PDF icon ni00028.pdf
P Orro; D Trotman Cône normal et régularités de Kuo-Verdier PDF icon ni00027.pdf
M Saito; T Takebe; H Terajima Deformation of Okamoto-Painlevé pairs and Painlevé equations PDF icon ni00025.pdf
S Izumiya; N Takeuchi Special curves and ruled surfaces PDF icon ni00023.pdf
S Izumiya Generating families of developable surfaces in R$^3$ PDF icon ni00022.pdf
IA Bogaevsky Singularities of linear waves in plane and space PDF icon ni00021.pdf
VD Sedykh Some invariants of admissible homotopies of space curves PDF icon ni00020.pdf
PJ Topalov; VS Matveev Geodesic equivalence via integrability PDF icon ni00018.pdf
K Houston On the classification and topology of complex map-germs of corank one and ${\cal A}_e$-codimension one PDF icon ni00017.pdf
IG Scherbak Boundary singularities and non-crystallographic Coxeter groups PDF icon ni00016.pdf
EA Bartolo; P Cassou-Nogués; I Luengo; et al Monodromy conjecture for some surface singularities PDF icon ni00015.pdf
R Uribe-Vargas Global theorems on vertices and flattenings of closed curves PDF icon ni00014.pdf
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